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SFP-NOW Chats With Writer/Director Jon Silverberg about Woodland

Ep. 113

In this latest episode of SFP-Now and our first episode since March. We speak to filmmaker, writer and director Jon Silverberg about his movie Woodland, which is part psychological horror movie and part character study.

Over the course of our Chat Jon talks about the great team he managed to put together for the movie, which included Richard Harmon who is best known for his role in 'The 100' and acclaimed actor Philip Granger who plays the role of Sparky in the film and formed a very strong friendship with his co-star while making the film.

Jon also talks a little about how his career thus far has allowed him the opportunity to get to work with the likes of Stargate SG1 and Sanctuary star Amanda Tapping, who has moved more towards producing and directing herself. We even learn that Amanda plays a small, but somewhat important role in Woodland as the radio operator who is Sparky's only contact out in the civilised world.

We also learn a little about some of the technical challenges that Jon and his team faced while making the film as well as a little promo for the great location where the film is shot.

So if you have an interest in independent cinema then tune in to hear what Jon has to share as well as some updates on what he is working on right now.

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