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SFP-NOW Reviews Star Trek: Picard & Project Blue Book

Ep. 112

Welcome to another episode of SFP-NOW. Where we delve into some scifi goodness and give our thoughts on some of the most current shows happening.

This episode sees Raissa and Ian give their thoughts on 'Star Trek: Picard', which finished its run late last month on CBS All Access and Amazon Prime. We discuss how Una McCormacks book 'Picard: The Last Best Hope' enhanced our enjoyment of the series by filling in many of the backstory elements that were mentioned in the series.

We also discuss History Channel's 'Project Blue Book', which ended its second season on a fantastic cliffhanger, but also introduced some intriguing new characters and themes to the show.

And we wrap things up with Ian's thoughts on the UK version of Disney +, which launched in the UK on March 23 and has been a godsend while everyone has been in lockdown due to Covid 19.

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