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SFP-NOW Marvel Movies Special Featuring Megapodtastic's Joe Fiore

Ep. 105

Welcome to another episode of SFP-Now.

For this episode I am joined by Joe Fiore of Megapodtastic to discuss the best and worst Marvel Universe.

This podcast is very special because it is the first time Joe and I have had chance to connect and chat movies in 7 years. We even joke a little about it being kind of like the Vulcan Pon Far at the start of the episode.

In this hour plus long pod. Joe and I count down the Marvel movies in chronological order or try to. And run through what we think are the best and worst of the movies. But we must add that as fans we generally enjoy all of the Marvel movies on some level. So although we may say one movie is the worst. It is more likely because its the one that we like the least when compared to all the others.

Anyway feel free to tune in and listen to our list. If you disagree or agree with us. Feel free to comment.

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