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SFP-NOW Featuring Andreas Juliusson & James Hunt From Fast Travel Games

Ep. 109

Welcome to another exciting episode of SFP-NOW here on SciFiPulseRadio.

For this episode Ian goes into the realms of Virtual Reality Games and chats with Andreas Juliusson and James Hunt from developer Fast Travel Games. In the interview we talk about the exciting new Puzzle Game 'The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets' as well as the many projects that the developer has been working on.

Speaking about the new game Andreas and James discuss how fans have responded to the game at the various gaming conventions that they have shown the game at. We also touch on the animation style, which put me in mind of a more slick and modern take on the work that 1970's animators Rankin/Bass who were famous for their Christmas animated films as well as The Wind in The Willows.

We also discuss the potential of the game to evolve and branch out into other genres while retaining it puzzle elements.

When it comes to other games that Fast Travel Games have in the works. We will see Budget Cuts 2, which is a collaboration between Fast Travel and Neat Games, which will be hitting VR Headsets in December.

VR fans will be able to play 'The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets' on 14th of November and we highly recommend it as a game that all ages can enjoy.

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