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SFP-NOW Christmas Special 2020

Tis the season and we here at SciFiPulse Radio and SFP-NOW wish you a merry one.

In this special episode, which we recorded in early December. Ian, Ben, and Raissa discuss episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, The Mandalorian, and more.

Ian was very excited about the inclusion of Bo-Katan in Mandalorian and was thrilled with Katee Sackhoff's interpretation of a role that she has only done as animated. We also discussed Ahsoka Tano and speculate a little about how she may be used in future Star Wars projects.

Additionally. Given the time of year. We also discuss a few of our favorite Christmas Movies and TV shows. So ho ho ho and all of that.

Apologies for Ben's sound in this episode. We were having a few problems with his microphone and have done our best to clean it up. But unfortunately, we just were not able to fix all of it.

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