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SFP-NOW Chat Marvel Shows, Pennyworth and Much More

Ep. 118

We're back and this month Ian and Ben have a proper chat about the Marvel shows as well as DC and Pennyworth. We start the show by discussing our excitement about 'Falcon and Winter Soldier and how it explores the post 'Avengers Endgame' world by introducing a new villain who put us in mind of a psycho orphan Annie. But is she really all that bad?

We also discuss the release of a new Graphic Novel called Adler. Which is the League of Extraordinary Women and kind of explores what happens in turn of the century England when someone from one of the English Colonies begins to fight back for her people.

And finally for fun. We discuss the new Disney + Mighty Ducks series and try to figure out a way to justify talking about it on a podcast, which is supposed to be about sci-fi and comics.

So please tune in. Chill out and laugh along with us as we shoot from the hip.

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SFP-Now Chats to Ada Hoffman about her latest book The Fallen

Ep. 121
After a month away. We're back and we get the ball rolling with an epic interview with Science Fiction novelist Ada Hoffman.During this chat. The writer gives us the lowdown on how she got into writing and her personal journey to becoming a published Science Fiction writer. Her debut novel 'The Outside' wowed readers when it was released back in 2018 and it looks very much like that book's sequel The Fallen is going to do very much the same. Ada talks us through some of the characters and storylines of the book to give those that haven't checked the books out yet a small taste of what they can expect. She also talks about how her decision to make her main character an Autistic scientist surprised her in a few ways and chats a little bit about her creative process as a writer saying that she usually has the beginning, middle, and end of her books figured out in advance of writing the story. Being that a few of us here at SciFiPulse Radio is on the Autism Spectrum we also asked Ada her thoughts on representation in the publishing industry as well as representation in film and television. And Ada also talked about some of the ways in which she tries to encourage writers with autism by reviewing their stories on her website. So to hear all of what was said. Tune in for this epic new episode of SciFiPulse Radio. You can check out Ada Hoffmans Website at: www.ada-hoffman.comYou can follow Ada on Twitter At: @xasymptote