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SFP-NOW - Batwoman premier & Big Finish Audio Chat

Ep. 108

Welcome to another episode of SFP-NOW.

For this episode Ian and Raissa discuss the latest DC Comics series to come to CW in the form of Batwoman. We also discuss some interesting ideas and theories with regards to Crisis on Infinite Earths. Also briefly discussed how Supergirl seems to be spinning its wheels with very little input into the Crisis storyline, which is leaving Flash and Arrow to most of the heavy lifting.

When it comes to Batwoman we discuss how it just seems to be mostly set up for the moment, but not especially spectacular.

We also talk about how both DC and Marvel can go about giving us movies and television shows without feeling the need to make it all about the origin stories, and bring up a few examples of old shows that were able to to entertain without the need to give viewers the origin beyond brief glimpses in the opening credits much like was done on 'The Incredible Hulk' TV series.

We close out the episode with a discussion on recent BIG Finish Audio releases such as the final box set in the 8th Doctor series Ravenous as well as the new reboot for 'Space 1999'.

So tune in and feel free to join the discussion via comments.

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