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John Walsh Chats about His New Escape From New York Book

Ep. 124

Welcome to another great episode of SFP-NOW. For this episode, we catch up with award-winning filmmaker and writer John Walsh, who has been keeping himself very busy. We last spoke with John back in August of 2021 when he talked with us about his Ray Harryhausen and Flash Gordon books, which have both done incredibly well for him. This time out we chat about his latest book 'Escape From New York: The Official Story of The Film', which has been selling so well that Titan can't print them fast enough.

Over the course of our conversation, John explains how the book came about and teases a few details about the book. Additionally, we even discuss our favorite elements from the film while discussing the casting, special effects, and everything else, which are all discussed in full in the book.

Also, we discuss our mutual appreciation for the late Donald Pleasence who to many horror fans is best known for his role of Dr. Loomis. However, we talk about his role as the corrupt President and how he was initially reluctant to play the part.

Added to this. We also discuss a few of John's films. Specially Toryboy, which has a few interesting parallels to the corruption that is depicted in Escape From New York.

And to end with. We chat about some of the movies and TV Shows that John would love to work on if given the opportunity. To listen to all of what was discussed hit play on the audio player and enjoy as John and I totally geek out about what is regarded as John Carpenters best movie.

You can learn more about John Walsh and his film and writing work at the following social media links.


Twitter @walshbros 

Instagram @johnwalsh_filmmaker

Facebook: Escape From New York: The Official Story of The Film

Youtube Playlist: Escape From New York

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SFP-Now Chats to Ada Hoffman about her latest book The Fallen

Ep. 121
After a month away. We're back and we get the ball rolling with an epic interview with Science Fiction novelist Ada Hoffman.During this chat. The writer gives us the lowdown on how she got into writing and her personal journey to becoming a published Science Fiction writer. Her debut novel 'The Outside' wowed readers when it was released back in 2018 and it looks very much like that book's sequel The Fallen is going to do very much the same. Ada talks us through some of the characters and storylines of the book to give those that haven't checked the books out yet a small taste of what they can expect. She also talks about how her decision to make her main character an Autistic scientist surprised her in a few ways and chats a little bit about her creative process as a writer saying that she usually has the beginning, middle, and end of her books figured out in advance of writing the story. Being that a few of us here at SciFiPulse Radio is on the Autism Spectrum we also asked Ada her thoughts on representation in the publishing industry as well as representation in film and television. And Ada also talked about some of the ways in which she tries to encourage writers with autism by reviewing their stories on her website. So to hear all of what was said. Tune in for this epic new episode of SciFiPulse Radio. You can check out Ada Hoffmans Website at: www.ada-hoffman.comYou can follow Ada on Twitter At: @xasymptote