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A brand new podcast presented by columnist, writer and presenter Jackie Adedeji which celebrates black talent on-screen and behind-the-scenes in TV.

The series which is named after the iconic James Brown song “Say it Loud, I’m Black & I’m Proud’’ is a trauma no-go zone with the narrative for Black creatives and television talent shaped by racial trauma, or trauma being the headline or the soundbite, and Say It Loud spins it on its head. It is about all things unapologetically positively Black and British: the culture we shape, that we represent, that we create in this country.

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  • 5. S1EP5: "If the math is not math’ing, then there is a problem” - Michael & Andrew Boateng

    When Andrew and Michael Boateng agreed to be interviewed for Say it Loud, I was ecstatic and not because they’re very easy on the eye ( I know that’s what you were thinking) but because the depth, experience and wisdom they come with, is unmatched. Born in North London with a greater Manchester twang -- The brotherly love energy and their insight into the power TV holds when we look at race and class. Is there such a thing as black middle class in the UK? Yes there is - but where is it on screen? Are we happy more black shows are being commissioned? Yes - but what is the infrastructure of the companies producing these shows? What does being on Love Island and the aftercare conversation look like when you’re a black man talking about mental health? Phwoar – make sure your tea is piping hot when you sit down for this one!
  • 4. S1EP4: New Voice Award Special - How to Become a TV Presenter

    Presenters commonly get asked “How do I become a TV presenter?” But the real question is how do you maintain and grow your career as a TV presenter?In this special live episode of Say it Loud we ask, how importance is a brand? How important is social media? How important is having an opinion? We will also be looking at the difference between being an influencer and a TV presenter with lines now more blurred than before.With traditional TV presenting routes becoming a thing of the past, and with more content being produced on an ever-growing list of platforms, we’ll speak to emerging TV presenters Ayshah Tull, Jaydee Dyer, Sabrina Grant and Will Njobvu on how they are building their careers and how they standout from the crowd.
  • 3. S1EP3: "Our parent's don't know what we do" - Desiree Burch & Kemah Bob

    Our guests are two American comedians who have moved to the UK and have taken the comedy scene by storm. Desiree made her break in 2015 winning the Funny Women Award and has since appeared on a variety of shows including, Live at the Apollo, Have I Got News for You and 8 Out of Cats. Burch is the voiceover of Netflix's smash hit programme Too Hot Too Handle and host of Comedy Central's Fat Chat. Kemah is one of the UK's brightest new talents, she is the host of Channel 4's It's a Sin: After Hours, has featured on Comedy Central, ITV2, and even her has her own comedy club FOC IT UP (Femmes of Colour Comedy Club).
  • 2. S1EP2: He's Not Famous, He's Bamous - It's Dane Baptiste

    Our special guest, writer and stand-up comedian Dane Baptiste made history in 2014 as the first black British solo comic to be nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer for his set, Citizen Dane. Now going onto his fourth stand up tour, The Chocolate Chip – he has become a regular on the TV circuit, featuring on Mock the Week, Pointless Celebrities & Hypothetical. Dane is also known for creating and starring in BBC Three sitcom Sunny D and now his new BBC Three show which is everything unapologetically black and British BAMOUS which also aired on BBC One.
  • 1. S1EP1: The leading men behind Wall of Comedy

    We are launching this podcast with the acclaimed content creating trio behind online platform Wall of Comedy, newly rebranded to Wall of Entertainment - Percelle Ascott, Joivan Wade and Tafara Makopa, discuss their journey from YouTube to social media and TV, their influences, and honest thoughts on the UK’s creative industries. Since its debut in 2015, the Wall of Entertainment platform across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube generates content resulting in over 3.6 billion views annually. The team have paved the way for online comedy content in the UK with hit formats including: Questions with Yung Filly, Group Chat, Who’s Got Game and with latest additions including Tye Logan’s Grub Roulette, Move to Me and Does the Shoe Fit.The trio also most recently produced the emotional short film Joy, for charity Key4Life with the support of Universal Music UK, following on from executive producing 2018’s acclaimed three-part YouTube drama Shiro’s Story which Ascott and Wade starred in.