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Lifestyle Prescriptions

Ep. 4

Today I’ll be talking about Lifestyle Prescriptions, covering what they are and how you can make a start on generating them for yourself starting with The Symptom Web® - a really simple concept which I devised and continue to teach on Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine

Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine:

Gut flora and antibiotics:

Caffeine and migraines:

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Environment and health

Season 1, Ep. 54
Ever wonder what in our environment might affect our health? Often these things are ‘invisible’ or we are not consciously aware of them, but they can have a continued and profound effect on our health.In this episode I look at some everyday environmental hazards and what we can do minimise their effects on us. Links:Air pollution: on micro plastics and health: and air pollution: to MI allergy: allergy and the effect of reducing it’s prevalence: media and mental health: monoxide poisoning: building syndrome and mould: air pollution in a city: in large fish: Lifestyle Medicine: Health Fix (contains my health loop):