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A Kid’s Guide to Fandom with Amy Ratcliffe

Ep. 160

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Drumroll, please… this week we’re chatting with Amy Ratcliffe! About her new book! That Liz and I are featured in!

If you don’t know Amy, she’s a writer and geek who contributes to various outlets including Nerdist, IGN, and Star Wars Insider. She’s written lots of wonderful nerdy things, including her latest book A Kid's Guide to Fandom: Exploring Fan-Fic, Cosplay, Gaming, Podcasting, and More in the Geek World.

The goal of A Kid’s Guide to Fandom is to help young fans get in touch with their inner geeks with the ultimate guidebook for creating, sharing, and enjoying the world of fandom.

Filled with history, trivia, tips and advice to getting started, and insight from creators and artists from across pop culture and specializing in a wide variety of mediums, A Kid's Guide to Fandom is the perfect geeky primer for young fans. Organized by type of fandom medium, each chapter offers a brief introduction, facts, history sidebars, and easy to digest information on how to:

  • Create Fan Fic or Fan Art
  • Design and Create a Cosplay
  • Start a Podcast
  • Design and Create Games (video games, tabletop, and other role playing games)
  • Find and Create Supportive Communities
  • Find and Attend Conventions

Plus, interviews with popular creatives like Alan Gratz, Erin Lefler, Jen Bartel, Daniel José Older, Rose Eveleth, Kat Kruger, and your favorite Sartorial Geek hosts!

Pre-order A Kid’s Guide to Fandom for every young person in your life, and make sure to follow @amy_geek all over the internet!

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