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Creative Whirlwind with Mallory Shoemaker

Ep. 172
If you’re looking for fun ways to sport your geekiness, may we recommend Galaxy Gear Boutique. Galaxy Gear Boutique is the place to go for ready-to-ship items like headbands, scarves, and scrunchies to custom sewn clothing items like gloves, kimonos, and leggings. Follow @GalaxyGearBoutique for the latest!Welcome to the second episode of our SG Small Business series with special guest Mallory Shoemaker!Mallory and I have been working together for years, and I’m so excited to talk with her about the behind the scenes of being a creative. We talk all about the whirlwind of doing all kinds of creative projects at all kinds of capacities: hobby, freelance, and full time!If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by creative possibility, this episode is for you. If you’ve ever felt like every other creative person must have a path straight from the heavens and you’re constantly struggling to find the way, this episode is for you. If you feel alone on your creative journey, we hope you fell less alone after chatting with us.Also! Mallory has a Kickstarter that you should absolutely check out (and share and back if you can!).Alright, friends. Have a great week, and stay nerdy.Special thanks to our executive producers for this episode Geeklery, Galaxy Gear Boutique, NW Nerd Podcast, LoganArch, Kal-Elle, and Karen Hallion.If you enjoyed this episode, you might love the rest of our episodes! Click here to browse the archives.