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Sandy and Nora talk politics

Weaponizing the politics of identity to support Israel

Ep. 281

In this episide, Sandy and Nora talk about how the politics of identity have been weaponized to silence people out of criticizing Israel. Plus, a former CBC producer speaks out about bias at the public broadcaster, Canada is questioning a doctor from Gaza about which members of Hamas he treated while working as a doctor and how are care and violence sometimes entwined?

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  • DN - Death in Niagara hospital, war warnings in Lebanon and secret US antivax campaign

    Story 1 - Family says that father's death at a hospital ER was due to an overloaded system.  Story 2 - Trudeau calls Russia's attack on Ukraine a genocide but cannot bring himself to say the same thing about Israel.  Story 3 - UN warns of escalating violence along the Israel-Lebanon border. Story 4 - The US undertook a secret antivax campaign to scare Filipinos out of taking China's Sinovac vaccine, a decision that cost thousands of lives.
  • DN - Violence in Nunavut schools, cop assaults teen and stays a cop, more refugees in the world than ever before

    Story 1 - 90% of teachers in Nunavut report having witnessed some kind of violence in the past year. Story 2 - Ottawa cop gets to remain a cop after he beat a child in the custody of the mental health act.  Story 3 - Two workers are injured in Calgary while trying to repair the city's catastrophic water main break.  Story 4 - Canada will send 2000 decommissioned rocket motors to Ukraine.  Story 5 - 120 million displaced people on the planet -- the highest probably in the history of the world. 
  • DN - Cops evade SIU investigation, National Bank absorbs CWB, 80 dead in boat accident in DRC

    Story 1 - Two cops involved in the high-speed chase that lead to a family being killed are refusing to cooperate with the SIU.  Story 2 - Some number of jobs are being cut at Global News as Corus tries to save money. Story 3 - The CWB is being acquired by the National Bank.  Story 4 - Almost 50 people killed in an apartment fire in Kuwait in a district where foreign workers live. Story 5 - Boat capsizes in Congo killing 80 people.
  • DN - Indig. students subjected to bizarre brain study, SK school leader on trial for abuse, Chiquita Banana pays up

    Story 1 - Indigenous students in PA were targeted for bizarre brain waves therapy, funded by a billionaire and that was never approvd by an ethics board. Story 2 - Christian school director's trial for assault with a weapon is on now and former students have horrifying stories. Story 3 - Inside St. John's for-profit shelter system, residents are scared for their lives. The mother of a woman murdered in one details how hard she tried to get another place to live. Story 4 - Javier Milei is good for mining and Canadian companies are licking their chops. Story 5 - Chiquita Banana ordered to pay millions to people whose families were slaughtered by paramilitary groups funded by the company.
  • 283. The nationalism to fascism pipeline in settler-colonial states

    In this episode, Sandy and Nora try to answer the question: can you detatch national pride from the actions of your state? Canada and Israel both struggle with the realities of genocidal programs.
  • DN - No strike yet for border agents, Hamilton is solitary confinement capital, Hamas accepts ceasefire deal again

    Story 1 - CBSA workers push their strike deadline to Friday. Story 2 - Hamilton holds people in solitary confinement more than anywhere else in Ontario, regularly breaking the limit of time for what the UN considers to be humane. Story 3 - MLA who was victim of police surveillance resigns, citing the culture of politics. Story 4 - Unanimous vote at the UN security council (w/Russia abstaining) calling for ceasefire in Gaza. Story 5 - EU parliament elections show that Europe is on a slide to the Right.
  • DN - 3 AB companies charged in workers' deaths, Israel massacres 200+ and 50 dead in East DRC

    Story 1 - Three companies have been charged in the workplace deaths of two men in Alberta. Story 2 - Community rallies against new proposed graphite project, especially after hearing that defense interests in the US have funded the project. Story 3 - Four people arrested at pro-Palestinian protest in Toronto; police appears to punch protester. Story 4 - Nearly 300 people killed in Israeli attack on refugee camp; Netenyahu faces uncertain political future. Story 5 - Allied Democratic Forces in the DRC have killed at least 50 people in the past week.
  • DN - Cop shenanigans, TTC strike averted, Korean Samsung workers take job action

    Story 1 - Strategy document shows how police want to be the centre of drug policy in Alberta. Story 2 - Opioid deaths are 8x higher among First Nations in Alberta. Story 3 - Cop who kicked man in the head also kicked another man in the head. Story 4 - The SIU in Ontario is charging a cop with assault.  Story 5 - A "Framework Agreement" has been reached between the ATU 113 and the TTC averting a transit strike at the eleventh hour.
  • DN - No more COVID wastewater testing in Ontario, massacre in Sudan

    Story 1 - Ontario to stop wastewater surveillance.  Story 2 - York University students set up Palestine solidarity encampment.  Story 3 - International campaign targeting Palestinian activists uncovered by Israeli media.  Story 4 - RSF massacres 100 people in in Sudan