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Sandy and Nora talk politics

Sleepwalking towards WW3?

Ep. 276

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about Israel's promise to wage revenge on Iran and how Canadian politicians are (or are not) trying to de-escalate.

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  • Canadians react to Gaza; politicians do not

    In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the lack of reaction from Canadian politicians to the ICC decision to charge Israeli leadership with war crimes. Plus, encampment victories, encampment struggles and why is Jesse Brown so obsessed with Shree Paradkar?
  • DN - Migrants on hunger strike in PEI, Gladday faces crisis and 2000 dead in Papua New Guinea

    Story 1 - Migrants in PEI are on day 4 of hunger strike over proposed changes to immigration in that province. Story 2 - Glad Day Bookstore in Toronto, the world's oldest 2SLGTBQ bookstore, faces closure. Story 3 - The world reacts to Israel's massacre of people living in tents in Rafah. Story 4 - Possible 2000 people dead after landslide in Papua New Guinea Story 5 - The military government of Burkina Faso has declared it will stay in power for another 5 years, foregoing July's election (and planned return to democracy)
  • DN - Encampment update, US giving grants to expand mining in Canada, 100 dead in Sudan

    Story 1 - Deadline was 8 AM for Palestinian solidarity activists to clear out of their encampment. Rally is on now ...  Story 2 - Canada set to deport the truck driver who caused the Humboldt Broncos bus accident -- after he's served his 8-year prison sentence. Story 3 - The US has quietly funded two mining projects in Canada in the hopes of securing access to critical minerals as China's grip tightens around the industry. Story 4 - Massacre in Rafah has killed many, the world watches in horror. Story 5 - More than 100 killed in el-Fasher in Sudan as fighting intensifies between the RSF and the Sudanese military.
  • DN - SK teachers vote on offer, water even more toxic at Grassy Narrows and UK heads to the polls

    Story 1 - SK teachers to vote on tentative deal.  Story 2 - Methylmercury, more toxic than mercury is now a growing compound in the English-Wabigoon river. Story 3 - The Canadian Medical Association calls for Canada to defund its revenues so that its members can make more money on capital gains. Story 4 - Cacao producers in Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana are organizing to get higher tariffs on the fruit so that they can exit poverty. Global chocolate giants make more than $100 billion in profits. Story 5 - The UK heads to the polls for the first time in 4.5 years.
  • Daily News - Cops attack students, 35 things threatening Canada and 3 USians fail at coup in Congo

    Daily news for May 22, 2024Story 1 - Cops crack heads at encampment at UQAM but activists at Ontario Tech U win huge advances from their admin.  Story 2 - Government committee identifies 35 threats to the security of Canadiands. Billionaires are number 5 though impact pretty much the entire list. Story 3 - Countries around the world react to the ICC case against Israeli and Hamas leaders. In Canada, it took more than 31 hours for Trudeau to say anything and media to report on anything. Story 4 - Israel attacks one of two hospitals left in northern Gaza. Story 5 - Three Americans charged in failed and bizarre coup attenmpt in Congo. Story 6 - William Ruto is in the US to discuss forming Kenyan-led military initiative in Haiti.   
  • 281. Weaponizing the politics of identity to support Israel

    In this episide, Sandy and Nora talk about how the politics of identity have been weaponized to silence people out of criticizing Israel. Plus, a former CBC producer speaks out about bias at the public broadcaster, Canada is questioning a doctor from Gaza about which members of Hamas he treated while working as a doctor and how are care and violence sometimes entwined?
  • Daily News - Police shooting in Regina, sabotage at EV battery plant, Assange wins new appeal

    Story 1 - SIRT investigating after " officer-involved shooting: in Regina. Story 2 - Unexploded incindiary devices found at site of future EV battery site. Story 3 - Omar Khadr denied an appeal with the US Supreme Court. Story 4 - Top Iranian officials die in helicopter crash in region blanketed in thick fog.Story 5 - The ICC issues arrest warrant for leadership of both Hamas and Israel, will allow events of Oct. 7 and the genocide of Gaza to be examined in court.  Story 6 - Julian Assange wins the right to appeal his extradition to the US.
  • Daily News - SK Party meltdown, Loblaws agrees to conduct code, Chad has new leader

    Daily News for May 17, 2024Story 1 - Edmonton police say that have evidence that a serial killer operated in the 1970s. He's dead. Story 2- Speaker of Sk's Legislative Assembly tears up membership card and makes serious allegations of harassment against the incoming speaker. Story 3 - Loblaw agrees to voluntarily sign the Grocery Code of Conduct. Walmart is still holding out.  Story 4 - Half of telcos in Canada are not compliant in alllowing people to make complaints on their websites. Story 5 - Phoenix rose from the ashes only to be finally killed. Story 6 - Mahamet Deby has been elected president in Chad though election watchers are concerned about how free and fair the process was. Story 7 - 700,000 Palestinians flee Northern Gaza as Israel lays seige again to the region and also prepares for ground invasion in the south.