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  • DN - Encampment update, IRCC to kick 500+ people out of their homes, Canada to buy war subs

    Story 1 - MUN students set up new encampment days after being arrested; McGill hires cops and mercenaries to clear its encampment, big win at the University of Windsor over divestment and academic boycott demands. Story 2 - Not enough slack in BC hospital system for nurses to call in sick; emergency wards in the Interior are closed as a result.  Story 3 - IRCC not renewing contract with hotel in Cornwall, kicking more than 500 people to the curb by the end of July.  Story 4 - Feeling the pinch of the affordability crisis? Don't worry, Canada is going to take your tax money and buy some subs.  Story 5 - Sudanese officials receive first visit of a nation's head since the start of the civil war.
  • DN - $2M cop corruption probe results in nothing, nursing shortage in remote FNs, Orban-Xi summit on Ukraine

    Story 1 - After 5 years, a $2m corruption and harassment probe into the Durham Police has turned up ... nothing. Not that there is no problem, it hasn't reported at all.  Story 2 - A shortage of nurses and doctors in remote First Nations communities is killing people.  Story 3 - Throw out your Silk and Great Value almond, oat, cashew and coconut milk ASAP.  Story 4 - Lady accused of producing fraudulent timesheets bilked federal departments and Crown corps some $250,000. But her supervisors didn't notice and it took the RCMP to read them and say, wait, what? Story 5 - Orban, as the new president of the EU, is on a tour to try and stop the war in Ukraine. But Western countries think that he's causing more harm than good.
  • Is disenfranchisement fueling the rise of fascism in the West?

    In this episode, Sandy and Nora look at the current state of politics, in light of recent elections in the UK and France. Plus, the Lancet warns that deaths in Gaza could be as high as 186,000.
  • DN - Record toxic drug deaths in NB last year, new West African defence pact, lanslide in illegal Indonesian mine kills 11

    Story 1 - Record deaths from toxic drugs in New Brunswick in 2023.  Story 2 - Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg is planning to pay for AI-power weapons detection.  Story 3 - Edmonton police shot and killed a man, three minutes of video of the confrontation has been deleted. Story 4 - New defence pact between Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger as the three countries quit ECOWAS. Story 5 - 11 dead in landslide at illegal gold mine in Indonesia.
  • DN - looming strike for BC longshoremen, +186K Gazans estimated dead, the left wins in France

    Story 1 - ILWU Local 514 set to strike, but the employer is set to lock them out. Story 2 - New report details horrors of residential school to push back against residential school denialism. Story 3 - The Lancet estimates that the death toll in Gaza could be higher than 186,000. Story 4 - Environmental activists jailed in Cambodia.  Story 5 - France's leftwing coalition beats back the fascists.
  • DN - 150 markers found at fmr residential school, LCBO workers strike and Jeremy Corban wins (ok, labour too)

    Story 1 - 150 anomalies have been found at the site of the former residential school at Pimicikmamak.Story 2 - Strike at the LCBO for the first time in the Crown's history. Story 3 - Pro-Palestinian protesters at Western refuse to leave. Story 4 - Israel moves to make the biggest land grab in the West Bank since the Oslo Accords. Story 5 - With a small percentage of the popular vote, Labour careens to victory in the UK.  
  • DN - PEI jails release men into homelessness, 47 people killed by cops in Canada in 2024, Israel continues its genocide

    Story 1 - Brian Nadler's first degree murder charges tossed out on Day 1 of his trial.  Story 2 - The John Howard Society of PEI warns that there are a high number of people being released from jail into homelessness. Story 3 - Legal Aid Alberta is about to cease operations over fight with the province about funding and control. Story 4 - 47 people killed in police-involved incidents so far this year in Canada. Story 5 - Nearly 20 dead in Khan Younes, Israeli settlers burn fields south of Hebron and attack fire services so they can't put the fires out.