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  • DN - Cree cousins' bodies found weeks apart, LCBO workers set to strike, ~600 die doing Hajj in extreme heat

    Story 1 - The remains of two Cree women, cousins, were identified weeks from one another in Dawson Creek BC.  Story 2 - Canada has refused to give emergency visas to the family of a man who was killed in a random act of violence for his funeral.  Story 3 - Liquor store workers in Ontario are ready to strike.  Story 4 - Same-sex marriage legalized in Thailand. Story 5 - Nine people die in fire at hospital in northern Iran. Fire was likely linked to the hospital using emergency power generators due to extreme heat.
  • 284. Who are Canada's traitors?

    In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about foreign influence in Canadian politics and how, once again, Poilievre is eating everyone's lunch.
  • DN - Algeria pressuring Canadians, self-immolation at Wpg mosque, Greek coast guard threw migrants overboard

    Story 1 - Kabyle Canadians accuse Algeria of spying on them.  Story 2 - A young man self-immolated inside a Winnipeg mosque.  Story 3 - The world will spend $100B on nuclear weapons this year.  Story 4 - The Greek Coastguard threw nine migrants into the sea, killing them, new BBC investigation reveals.  Story 5 - At least 6 dead in Ecuador due to landslides.  
  • DN - Death in Niagara hospital, war warnings in Lebanon and secret US antivax campaign

    Story 1 - Family says that father's death at a hospital ER was due to an overloaded system.  Story 2 - Trudeau calls Russia's attack on Ukraine a genocide but cannot bring himself to say the same thing about Israel.  Story 3 - UN warns of escalating violence along the Israel-Lebanon border. Story 4 - The US undertook a secret antivax campaign to scare Filipinos out of taking China's Sinovac vaccine, a decision that cost thousands of lives.
  • DN - Violence in Nunavut schools, cop assaults teen and stays a cop, more refugees in the world than ever before

    Story 1 - 90% of teachers in Nunavut report having witnessed some kind of violence in the past year. Story 2 - Ottawa cop gets to remain a cop after he beat a child in the custody of the mental health act.  Story 3 - Two workers are injured in Calgary while trying to repair the city's catastrophic water main break.  Story 4 - Canada will send 2000 decommissioned rocket motors to Ukraine.  Story 5 - 120 million displaced people on the planet -- the highest probably in the history of the world. 
  • DN - Cops evade SIU investigation, National Bank absorbs CWB, 80 dead in boat accident in DRC

    Story 1 - Two cops involved in the high-speed chase that lead to a family being killed are refusing to cooperate with the SIU.  Story 2 - Some number of jobs are being cut at Global News as Corus tries to save money. Story 3 - The CWB is being acquired by the National Bank.  Story 4 - Almost 50 people killed in an apartment fire in Kuwait in a district where foreign workers live. Story 5 - Boat capsizes in Congo killing 80 people.
  • DN - Indig. students subjected to bizarre brain study, SK school leader on trial for abuse, Chiquita Banana pays up

    Story 1 - Indigenous students in PA were targeted for bizarre brain waves therapy, funded by a billionaire and that was never approvd by an ethics board. Story 2 - Christian school director's trial for assault with a weapon is on now and former students have horrifying stories. Story 3 - Inside St. John's for-profit shelter system, residents are scared for their lives. The mother of a woman murdered in one details how hard she tried to get another place to live. Story 4 - Javier Milei is good for mining and Canadian companies are licking their chops. Story 5 - Chiquita Banana ordered to pay millions to people whose families were slaughtered by paramilitary groups funded by the company.
  • 283. The nationalism to fascism pipeline in settler-colonial states

    In this episode, Sandy and Nora try to answer the question: can you detatch national pride from the actions of your state? Canada and Israel both struggle with the realities of genocidal programs.
  • DN - No strike yet for border agents, Hamilton is solitary confinement capital, Hamas accepts ceasefire deal again

    Story 1 - CBSA workers push their strike deadline to Friday. Story 2 - Hamilton holds people in solitary confinement more than anywhere else in Ontario, regularly breaking the limit of time for what the UN considers to be humane. Story 3 - MLA who was victim of police surveillance resigns, citing the culture of politics. Story 4 - Unanimous vote at the UN security council (w/Russia abstaining) calling for ceasefire in Gaza. Story 5 - EU parliament elections show that Europe is on a slide to the Right.