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  • 13. S6E13 - A Finale To Satisfy No One

    I can't get no satisfaction! Welcome to the FINAL, LAST EVER episode of Glee. It's finally time for a finale! Unfortunately, much like the rest of Glee, it's a bit of a stinker. Don't worry, though, we'll be back next week to do a real finale that doesn't stink! We're putting the entire series on trial so come back in 2 weeks to hear all about it.If you have thoughts or feelings you want to share with us, or potentially have us share on the finale, please reach out in the ways below:Email: sandmhateglee@gmail.comTwitter: @sandmhateglee

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  • 12. S6E12 - The Pilot that Couldn't Be

    In a very unsurprising turn of Glee events, the writers have decided to prove how much growth the characters have had by taking us back to the beginning with 2009 (that's the name of the episode). Watch the even older actors but on horrible but period accurate costumes and revisit the youngest versions of their characters. Hit us up at and @sandmhateglee on Twitter before our final discussion episode 2 weeks from now ;)
  • 11. S6E11 - Listen to Your Podcast

    We're back! It's time for Sectionals, whether you're ready/have 12 people/have a mysterious confluence of events that allowed you to reach this point or not! Shoutouts to the SFX team who did a fantastic job on a specific tree branch and welcome to the beginning of the end.
  • 10. S6E10 - The Cancelling of Sue

    Maggie and Sam discuss The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester, episode 10 of the final season. Ironic, and easy to misinterpret, use of the Fox News triggers your hosts and a mysterious whistleblower unseats one of the strongest powers at McKinley.
  • 9. S6E9 - Wild Choices

    We're back! Welcome to a surprisingly not terrible episode of a dying television show. Bask in its light, but not too close or else you'll cross the event horizon and get sucked into the depths of darkness that lie beneath!
  • 8. S6 E8: The Gay Wedding(s??)

    This episode of television is what inspired the federal legalization of gay marriage. Come here Sam and Maggie slowly wither like flowers without sunlight as they discuss the 8th episode of season 6, in which a ~surprise~ double wedding takes place while the Pierces steal the show.
  • 7. S6E7 - Too Much Will And Rachel Show

    Howdy all! Welcome back, we're here to discuss what was hopefully Glee's last big opportunity to stick their foot in their mouth on a big social issue, "Transitioning." Luckily, and surprisingly, they didn't actually do that bad a job!links~twitter and instagram: