Salute the Songbird with Maggie Rose


Rebroadcast of Episode 1: Ruby Amanfu

A rebroadcast of the very first episode of Salute The Songbird, with Grammy-nominated songwriter Ruby Amanfu. Ruby joins Maggie on the first episode of Salute the Songbird to talk about her career, the wide spectrum of musical influences that thread through her work, writing through the difficulty of the pandemic and the issues that arose in 2020. Ruby tells Maggie about allowing herself to take a creative break, why being an immigrant led to her fearlessness, and how she learned to be her ‘true self’, no matter what. At the end of the episode, you’ll hear Ruby’s track: “When We Were Kids.”

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Karina Rykman

Season 3, Ep. 35
Bassist Karina Rykman joined Marco Benevento's band as a replacement to Dave Dreiwitz (Ween /Joe Russo's Almost Dead) in 2016 and since then, has developed a permanent and powerful presence in the band, playing headlining shows, festival sets, and opening for bands such as Vulfpeck, Dispatch, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Guster, and more. Karina is Maggie’s guest this week and the two discuss growing up in New York City, where she became obsessed with The Allman Brothers, what it means to have ‘broad musical ears’, and the wisdom she gained from a mentor that helps her deal with imposter syndrome.Aside from her gigs with Benevento, Karina’s musical résumé has almost grown too large to keep track of, but includes highlights we’d be remiss to exclude: a performance on the Today Show with Julia Michaels, a now-famous soundcheck at Madison Square Garden with Phish, playing in the backing band (in front of Howard Stern and co. at Radio City Music Hall) on America’s Got Talent with a flame-spewing helmet on her head, gigs with the Everyone Orchestra alongside members of moe., The Disco Biscuits, Soulive, Robert Randolph, + many more) and finally, the formation of her own band.Karina put out two singles in 2019: Plants and Elevator, as well as two more in 2020 (City Kids & Dirty South) – the songs have garnered six-figure streaming numbers + air time on Satellite radio. A few live highlights include opening for Khruangbin at The Capitol Theatre, playing moe.down and Hulaween, and a plethora of headlining shows for ravenous fans. The group has welcomed special guests including Nels Cline, Robert Walter, Skerik, + more. This is just the beginning for the young NYC-based bassist.Salute the Songbird is brought to you by Osiris Media. Hosted by Maggie Rose. Produced by Austin Marshall, Maggie Rose, and Kirsten Cluthe with production assistance from Grace Roemer and Kip Baggett. Edited by Matt Dwyer. Music by Maggie Rose. Graphics by Mark Dowd.


Season 3, Ep. 34
Jade Jackson and Aubrie Sellers make up the duo Jackson+Sellers, and they are Maggie's guests on this episode. Jade and Aubrie share stories about the making of their debut album, Breaking Point, and how they found their unexpected musical kinship after back-to-back sets at Americanafest. The duo discusses balancing their creative work with the pressures of the industry, recognizing when to step away from chaos, and the importance of having your voice heard.Jackson+Sellers first crossed paths through back-to-back gigs at Americanafest in Nashville in 2019, a fleeting moment that eventually led to a deep friendship and a true recognition of kindred spirits. During the pandemic, they aligned for an inspiring creative partnership that has yielded one of the most compelling collaborative albums of the last decade.Breaking Point, their exceptional debut on ANTI- Records, establishes Jackson+Sellers as women who share an intuitive musical kinship and a rare ability to craft tight singular pop-rock tracks without losing sight of their songwriting selves. By shedding the identities pre-assigned to them by the music industry, Jackson+Sellers have fashioned an album reflective of their expansive musical interests, from ‘70s rock to indie pop to West Coast country.Salute the Songbird is brought to you by Osiris Media.Hosted by Maggie Rose.Produced by Austin Marshall, Maggie Rose, and Kirsten Cluthewith production assistance from Grace Roemer and Kip Baggett. Edited by Justin Thomas of Revoice Media.Music by Maggie Rose.Graphics by Mark Dowd.