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  • Organizing the Unhoused: An Organizer's Manual [AUDIOZINE]

    This is the audiozine version of our production of Organizing the Unhoused: An Organizer's Manual made in collaboration with Royt of the IWW. Enjoy!
  • PDX Jail Support: Interview and Audiozine

    This is Sprout and this is Charyan, and we are the hosts of Molotov Now!, on The Channel Zero Podcast Network, thank you for joining us on this episode of the podcast. If you like what we do here and want to support it, you can do that by going to and clicking donate, or scrolling to the bottom for Patreon. Today on the podcast we are joined by a member of PDX Jail Support to discuss their efforts creating a culture of mutual aid based around the idea of widespread community jail support. They have spent the last four years building a network of volunteers to stand outside local jails and connect with people coming out of jail. This is done with all arrestees, not simply when there is a need for increased jail support following a protest event. We will also be debuting the audiozine we collaborated on with them detailing how to build a jail support network where you live. We hope you find this episode as inspiring as we did. It really lit a fire in us to get something similar going here where we live. The potential for radicalization is immense in these highly vulnerable and personal connections.
  • Solitude VS Isolation, Relationships As Anarchy

    On today's podcast we are going to be discussing two topics that we have been thinking deeply about recently. Relationship Anarchy, and Solitude vs Isolation. We hope that you enjoy our rambling nonsense since we are without a guest this month. So were going back to our roots and talking about some articles that The Harbor Rat Report is working on. These topics have been rattling around our cages in the past few weeks because of the fundamental unceasing nature of the movement work we do. The toll that it takes on a body is real, and only by connecting inter-personally with other beings, including ourselves, can we create the care networks we will need to sustain our movements.Music this Episode:Molotov Now! soundtrack by Pixel PassionateAnthem for My Beloved by Dinero MuertoLittle Boxes by Malvina ReynoldsLearning Curve by Escape From The Zoo!
  • Royt On The New Aberdeen IWW And Organizing The Unhoused

    Today on the podcast we have Royt, a local IWW organizers and activist to talk about their efforts in helping get a new Aberdeen chapter of the IWW formed. This project is in conjunction with a push for a union of the unhoused here as well. We discus the challenges and opportunities faced by such a movement. We also debut the audio Royt wrote called Organizing The Unhoused: An Organizer's Manual. Full text version available on our website Music is listed in the transcript now BTW. We've got a bunch but our featured songs are Which Side Are You On? by Pete Seeger and the Almanac Singers, and I'm Gonna Join That One Big Union by Woody Guthrie. Hope you Enjoy!
  • brian bean on Palestine, Socialism, and Liberation

    Today on the podcast we have brain bean co-editor of the book Palestine: A Socialist Introduction to discuss the various struggles, both modern and historical, faced by the region. We also have music from Klee Benally, recently passed Diné artist and activist who inspired this podcast greatly. Rest in Power Klee. Hope you enjoy! Solidarity.
  • Pearson on Conflict Resolution, Burnout, and CZN

    Welcome to Molotov Now!Today we have Pearson on, a long-time organizer and podcaster, formerly of Coffee With Comrades on the Channel Zero Network. We sit down and discuss internal group dynamics, conflict resolution, and burnout. All important and relevant topics at this time.We have music from Window Smashing Job Creators and Bird Teeth, The Communique newsletter, as well as a monthly radical news roundup.Hope you enjoy.Solidarity