Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast


RQG - The Making of RQG

Season 5, Ep. 244

Join the crew of Rusty Quill Gaming as they answer your questions about the making of the show!

Content warnings:

  • Spoilers for all of Rusty Quill Gaming
  • Discussions of: accidental crashes (airship) 
  • Mentions of: knives, character deaths 
  • SFX: brief bells

Editing by Lowri Ann Davies and Cathy Rinella.

Featuring Hannah Presinger, Lowri Ann Davies, Marisa Ewing, Cathy Rinella, and Tessa Vroom. 

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Rusty Quill Gaming is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share alike 4.0 International Licence.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

RQG - Goodbye for Now

Hey everyone, Alex here. If you're listening to this message then that means you have made it through all of the content on this Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast feed!All. The whole kit and caboodle! That means you probably quite like what we do, or you're just really, really stubborn. Either way, I'm impressed. Good job. This does mean, though, that we are no longer going to be releasing regular content on this podcast feed for the foreseeable future.Don't fret, all the episodes will be left online for everyone to enjoy for as long as its possible for us to keep them available. Which should be ages.That said, if you want more content featuring the characters and players your love, and haven't already checked it out, we recommend you visit where you can access all kinds of RQG bonus materials, including full side quests. We are exploring further plans for Rusty Quill Gaming in the future too, and will make sure anything new is announced in this feed.In the mean time though, if you are on the hunt for more tabletop podcast fun times that scratch that Rusty Quill Gaming itch, then by sure to bounce across to our shiny new show: Chapter and Multiverse. This weekly actual-play show uses multiple game systems of different genres to explore the city of Chapter. Every new campaign is set in the same city, but in an alternate universe. One season, its a medieval fantasy town with monarchs, magic and monsters, the next, its a gritty neon-punk metropolis ruled by greedy mega-corps. Sometimes, maybe even both at once. If you've enjoyed Rusty Quill Gaming, you'll definitely get a kick out of Chapter and Multiverse, as it features some of your favourite performers from RQG and our other shows, along side some fresh new faces.And, as with Rusty Quill Gaming, you can get early access to new episodes, along side bonus materials via our Patreon.On top of all that, we are also celebrating the end of Rusty Quill Gaming with a special merch drop of two commemorative dice sets: one set of custom polyhedral dice, and an extra special set encased in metal with an engraved presentation box. Pre-orders go live to public on Wednesday, 4th of May 2022 so be sure to follow the link in the show notes ( to place your order, or head over to the dice dungeon dot co dot UK for more info.That's everything for now then, apart from a personal thank you to all of you. When we first started this podcast, we never dared hope it would reach the scale it has. Through equipment failures, makeshift studios, asbestos goblins, and even a global pandemic, you've all stood by us and supported us, helping us to make something really special. And for that, we will always be grateful. We really hope you have enjoyed the games we have played together, and we cant wait to show you all the new content we have coming out thanks to your ongoing support.But for now, from all the cast and crew of Rusty Quill Gaming, thank you. Look after yourselves, and we'll see you again soon. 
Wednesday, April 20, 2022

RQG - Raging Grannies - Part 3

Season 5, Ep. 252
Join Maddy, Alex, Nico, Cathy and Tessa as they finish their game of Raging Grannies by Alicia Furness.This week Gloucester has a cup of tea, Christine attempts to woo a judge, Bryony tickles a wizard, and Patricia steals baking supplies.Content warnings:Undead & zombies Imprisonment Food Physical violence, injury & threats Vicarious embarrassment Discussions of: cannibalism Mentions of: child neglect, emetophobia, mould, loss of consciousness, innuendo, knives SFX: dripping, crashing & clanging, background chatter & shouting Transcript:PDF: RQG - Raging Grannies - Part 3.pdfWord: RQG - Raging Grannies - Part 3.docxSFX this week by kokopetiyot, cliftonmcarlson, egomassive, Nox_Sound, farbin, CraterZounds, SonoRec, SamsterBirdies, xkeril, Razzvio, TheMinkman, snapssound, gristi, "Metal crash" - by bolkmar, SpcializedArtist45, launchsite, JustInvoke, ReadeOnly, pengo_au, julesibulesi, CTCollab, Amaiguri, timmy_h123, spycrah, RonaldVanWonderen, mallement, Halleck, MaxDemianAGL, rodincoil, TiesWijnen, julius_galla, ejfortin, rafaelzimrp, vr, Saviraz, Maemi_no_yume, giddster, winsx87, mdayalan, florianreichelt, trettfilms, Wdomio, onteca, Jagadamba, tec_studio, DrMrSir, russscott1, EminYILDIRIM, jihouse4 and previously credited artists via Freesound.orgExecutive Producers Alexander J Newall and April SumnerDirected by Maddy SearleProduced by Lauren Thompson and Natasha JohnstonDialogue Edit by Maddy SearleSound Design by Tessa VroomAudio Mastering by Maddy SearleCheck out our merchandise available at and our community:WEBSITE: rustyquill.comFACEBOOK: @therustyquillREDDIT: mail@rustyquill.comRusty Quill Gaming is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share alike 4.0 International Licence.