Running The Show with Dev & Sam

  • 6. Serena Guthrie

    In this episode Dev and Sam head to Battersea Sports Centre to meet a very special guest, England netball captain, Serena Guthrie. They chat with her about her marathon training, the Netball World Cup and her love of music. She opens up to them about being diagnosed with Glandular Fever in the run up to the tournament, never skipping the songs she doesn’t like on a running playlist, and the mental benefits of running. She also challenges them to a BPM Beep Test (like a beep test but set to a beat!). Find out whether it was Dev or Sam that came out on top… with the loser having to do a gruelling forfeit.Get in touch using the #runningtheshow @LucozadeSport and let us know how your running training is going!
  • 5. Part of the club!

    It’s episode 5, and this week Sam and Dev are learning all about community and the amazing network of runners around the country. First the guys meet with Adele Prince from GoodGym, a volunteer-led project helping people all over the UK. They then catch up with Chevy Rough, mindful runner, breathing coach and head of running club ChasingLights Collective, who teaches Sam and Dev some breathing techniques to help with their running. Get in touch using the #runningtheshow @LucozadeSport and let us know how your running training is going!
  • 4. Can you feel the heat?

    This week, Dev and Sam head to try out hot yoga at Hotpod Yoga with instructor Mel Bentinck. They learn about the physical and mental benefits of yoga for their running training. Sam then challenges Dev to a game of Twister, and the winner takes home a free sports massage provided by Lucozade Sport. Sam and Dev also catch up with coach Mark Draper to chat about their progress, running motivation, and the plan for the next couple of weeks. Get in touch using the #runningtheshow @LucozadeSport and let us know how your marathon training is going!
  • 3. Anthony Joshua

    Dev and Sam meet a surprise guest to help them with their running training - World Heavyweight Champion, Anthony Joshua. AJ puts Dev and Sam through their paces in the ring as the guys learn the importance of mixing up your training - especially while Sam rests to help his shin splints. AJ also teaches Dev and Sam the importance of the mental side of training and running.Get in touch using the #runningtheshow @LucozadeSport and let us know how your marathon training is going!
  • 2. You are what you eat

    It’s episode 2! Dev and Sam meet at Victoria Park for their very first run together and Sam is typically excited. They hear from their Lucozade Sport nominated trainer Mark Draper who lets them know the distance they’re about to complete.On the run, Sam reveals just how much his shin splints have been bothering him and we hear some key advice on running injuries from trainer Mark. Dev chats about his motivations for taking on this challenge and Sam talks about running helping his anxiety.Lucozade Sport organise a meeting with Renee McGregor, nutritionist to the Team GB 24-hour running team, who gives the boys the low-down on all things food and drink, including high energy food and what to eat before a run.Please get in touch and ask us your questions using the #runningtheshow @LucozadeSport. 
  • 1. Testing, Testing!

    It’s episode 1 and Dev and Sam are about to find out exactly how fit they are before they take on the challenge of turning themselves from beginner runner to marathon runner in 12 weeks. They meet up at a café to discuss all their hopes and fears before heading to the Sports Science lab at St Mary's University. There they meet Paul Hough, a senior lecturer, who administers a VO2 max test which takes them right to their limit. The loser then has to hand over their phone in a very embarrassing forfeit. Finally they meet coach Mark Draper who will be guiding them through this entire process. He talks them through their initial running training plan and gives them the low down on what to expect. There are also plenty of tips and tricks along the way for any novice or experienced runners listening. Please get in touch and ask us your questions using the #runningtheshow @LucozadeSport. 
  • Trailer - Running the Show with Dev and Sam

    In this brand new series from Lucozade Sport, best friends (according to Sam) and novice runners Dev Griffin and Sam Thompson, are going to learn what it takes - with the help of trainers, nutritionists and mindfulness gurus - to become lean mean jogging machines.Oh and while they’re at it they’re going to do a marathon. Who cares if it’s happening in 12 weeks?! Follow all the ups, downs, tears and tantrums as they embark upon on their journey. This is a Somethin' Else production for Lucozade Sport.