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Rule Of Three

Laurence Rickard on Monty Python's Life Of Brian

Season 4, Ep. 1

Laurence Rickard (Ghosts, Horrible Histories, Yonderland) talks about Monty Python's Life Of Brian and the lessons it has for anyone else who might be trying to make historically textured silly comedy with a six-strong team of comedians.

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  • TASTER: The Best Of Comfort Blanket (series 1 and 2)

    A taster of the NEW PODCAST from Rule Of Three's Joel Morris.Many Rule of Three fans have been asking if there will be more episodes. The podcast has finished, though the archive will stay available for you to revisit favourite episodes.But you may enjoy Comfort Blanket, taking the same deep-dive approach as RO3 and applying it to films, books, TV and records - including comedy topics and guests from the world of comedy. Guests pick the thing to which they return again and again for comfort, and explore why they love it, and why it never lets them down.Here is a sample 'best of' episode, featuring highlights of the first two series.
  • Comfort Blanket - new podcast - TRAILER

    A new podcast by Joel Morris (from Rule of Three)Talking about the films, shows, books and records that guests return to as their warm, safe place. No guilty pleasures, just the good stuff.Launches Thursday April 7th. New episodes every Thursday.Follow on Twitter @comfortblankpod
  • 15. Andrew Hunter-Murray on The Meaning Of Liff

    Andrew Hunter-Murray (No Such Thing As A Fish, QI) chooses Douglas Adams and John Lloyd's little book of words for things there aren't words for yet, The Meaning of Liff, and talks about working with Lloyd on the latest edition.(Recorded LIVE at the Great Big Owl Podcast Festival Owlchella '20, London, February 2020)
  • 14. Moose Allain on The Far Side

    Cartoonist Moose Allain talks of his love for Gary Larson's era-defining Far Side cartoons.
  • 13. Izzy Mant on The Comic Strip: The Strike

    Producer, writer and comedian Izzy Mant (Peep Show, Gameface, Harry & Paul) talks about her love for The Comic Strip's pin-sharp film industry satire The Strike.(photo by Idil Sukan)
  • 12. Robin Ince on John Waters' Hairspray (1988)

    Comedian Robin Ince talks about his love for John Waters' joyous 1960s dance comedy Hairspray.
  • 11. Joe Thomas on The Office: Quiz Night

    Joe Thomas (The Inbetweeners, Fresh Meat) picks The Office's storming 'quiz night' episode (series one, episode three). That's the real quiz. That's the real quiz.
  • 10. Lucy Mangan on Steve Martin Live (1979)

    Columnist, author and TV critic Lucy Mangan talks about the joy and comfort she finds in Steve Martin's 1979 stadium stand-up show.
  • 8. Eddie Izzard on John Lithgow PART TWO

    PART TWO of our chat with Eddie Izzard about his career, his comedy, acting, stand-up, politics and his love for John Lithgow in 'Third Rock From The Sun'.