Roundball Rock


Slamm'd Up: Trades & Assets Edition

Season 1, Ep. 298

Sean and Joey are back to talk news and answer mail, and then Brett and Randy are back to talk about trading... mong other things. Not a TON of basketball in this one if I'm being honest.

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SONG: "It's Oh So Kawhi" by Sean Keane

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The Audacity Of Dunks w/ Keith Parrish, Clare O'Kane & Greg Edwards

Season 1, Ep. 302
Sean and Joey are first joined by their friends Clare and Greg to put on a play about a Doctor Ruth tweet, and then are joined by, Keith Parrish of the Fastbreak Breakfast podcast, to get depressed about the trade deadline. Don't be bigots, ya damn freaks. Follow Greg Edwards on twitter @GregTheGrouch, buy his art here: his comedy albums here: Clare O'kane on twitter @BabysFirstGun, buy her album, Let It Be, here: and listen to her podcast, here: Keith Parrish on twitter @fastbreakbreak, and listen to Fastbreak Breakfast here: and Grits and Grinds, a Memphis Grizzlies podcast here: our new blog!www.roundballrock.netBuy a T-shirt, Mug, Tote, Sweatshirt, or Covid mask here: code: RoundRockPod for 30% off) & IG: @RoundRockPodE-MAIL: RoundRockPod@gmail.comPHONE: 323-682-0342MERCH: "Meyers Slur" by Sean Keane