Roundball Rock


Episode 27: "Matthew Dellavedova is the Jack the Ripper of the NBA, But with Meniscuses Instead of Prostitutes”

Comedian, podcaster, and Kobe Stan Matt Lieb (@lieb123456789) joins Dave. Joey & Sean to talk about alternative stats, Tim Duncan’s cereal, tanking, James “Baby Doll” Dixon, and how Waiters Island is “growing like the garbage island in the Pacific.” Joey gets a job offer from JASH, Dave reverse jinxes the Lakers, Sean pitches the “Rising Stars vs. Falling Stars” game, Matt slanders both Mike and Kevin Love, and we’re all waiting for Wikileaks to start breaking NBA trades. Also we play “Laker of Faker,” Team Sea Bass tries to convene in Cleveland, and the Warriors play a team made up of 13 Dion Waiterses.

(Closing music: Destiny’s Child feat. Kobe Bryant, “Say My Name (Remix)” 

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