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Episode 18: NBA Conspiracies: Threepeat

We go down a lot of rabbit holes this week as “Any Given Wednesday” writer and NBA conspiracy expert Brendan Lynch (@brendanzig) visits the podcast. Dave, Sean, Joey, and Brendan learn all about the Illuminati, frozen envelopes, blood sacrifices, Tim Donaghy, power numbers, Phil Jackson’s evil plot, MK Ultra, Delonte West, Incarcerated Bob, and Phil Luminati. We also pitch 30 For 30 documentaries, analyze the numerology of the 2016 Finals, and Brendan tells an amazing story about basketball and the Peace Corps. Sponsored by The Wizarding World of John Wall.

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Scoop D, Bust Names, Jerseys, & Derek's Dead w/ Dave Schilling & Curt Neill

Season 1, Ep. 290
The NBA Draft is fast approaching so you know what that means? Permanent Host Dave Schilling is back to see if he and Joey can determine if they can tell which new NBA prospects are good based solely on their names! And, SPOILER ALERT, they can! Then the bpys are joined by Curt Neill to talk about his new movie, Derek's Dead, and the new NBA city jerseys! Plus, both Curt & Dave answer THE BIG QUESTION, everyone's favorite long running segment that we've definitely always done.Read Dave Schilling (@Dave_Schilling) in The New Yorker here: Curt Neill (@CurtNeill)'s movie, Derek's Dead, here: see Sean do comedy in Santa Rosa, CA at The Whiskey Tip on 11/27/2020! Tix here: our new blog!www.roundballrock.netBuy a T-shirt, Mug, Tote, Sweatshirt, or Covid mask here: code: RoundRockPod for 30% off) & IG: @RoundRockPodE-MAIL: RoundRockPod@gmail.comPHONE: 323-682-0342MERCH: "After The Pandemic" by Sean Keane