Roundball Rock


Episode 100: "You Can't Spell David Lee Without D-A-D"

Season 1, Ep. 100

Josh Androsky (@ShutUpAndrosky) joins Joey & Sean to celebrate the 100th episode of Roundball Rock and answer burning questions like, "Which NBA player should have their own slot machine?" "Have NBA refs become the P.C. police?" and "Is LiAngelo Ball planning an international heist?" Along the way we get into the NBA's rash of ejections, sensory deprivation tanks, exploding cars, vaping, the Warriors' shady team app, and the superiority of the NBA over all other sports due to Jumbotron entertainment alone. We guess owners' occupations, debut our new feature, "Glad Dad/Sad Dad," Josh outs himself as a Lavar Ball Truther and we disrupt Greek mythology.

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