Roundball Rock


Episode 64: “Brandon Ingram is, pound for pound, the cutest person who’s ever lived”

Joey and sean are joined for a Skype pod with the world's biggest Laker fan, Eric Dadourian (@ericdadourian or @dunkdourian1000). Jack Nicholson took a year off - Eric didn't! Eric waxes poetic about the Lakers roster while we discuss Kyrie landing spots, Gheorghe Muresan's IMDB page, a gritty reboot of The Hoopers, D'Angelo Russell secretly taping Jeremy Lin, and moving the Clippers to Long Beach - they could have that Sublime sun at center court! Also Eric is crushed to learn about Jay Mohr and Jeanie Buss, and we play "What Is Phil Jackson Doing Right Now?" Sponsored by Spree Dogs.

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