Educational Tips

Signs of a writer

Students are often unaware of their hidden talents. Indeed, until you try, you will not know for sure. Having recognized the following signs in yourself, you will definitely understand for sure that you have a talent for writing and you can even practice dissertation proposal writing help.

You Adore Reading

Reading gives you joy. You read while traveling or when others are watching television. Your love for reading is strange to others. Your allies might be heading out to the movies but you are looking for a quiet place to read your favorite book.

Such behavior is not a mental problem but a sign you are a born writer. Your books are well kept, even better than you keep your other belongings. Most people read to show off. They just want others to view them as good readers. Your case is different because you find comfort in reading and do it with joy.

You enjoy hoarding words

Hardly read without pen, paper, or all your writing materials present. Even while reading, you enjoy circling sentences that appeal to you. All the jotting might be fun in the eyes of others but something more than that to you.

You fill up pages of papers with sentences and words that sound interesting to you. You aspire to learn something new while you read. These signs are a clear indication that you are going to be a writer.

You prefer writing than saying it

You can speak fluently, but when offended, you prefer to communicate your grievances through written than oral form. You prefer reacting to queries from your boss by sending him or her email rather than coming face-to-face with them. Many would say is a sign of respect but it's more than that. You express yourself better through writing.