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How Important is Personal Branding? | Kelly Lundberg [S1Ep10]

Season 1, Ep. 10

We welcome the amazing Kelly Lundberg onto Rooted Within, who is a fellow podcast host, business mentor, personal brand coach, style expert and influencer.

As the founder of the Middle East’s first styling agency, Kelly shares the story of how she completed her transformation from a flight-attendant to a successful businesswoman. And now she is able to help entrepreneurs grow their personal brand and businesses for maximum financial return.


On this episode, Kelly discusses;


  • Life in Dubai during the early to mid-2000s
  • Reuniting with her High-School crush via Bumble
  • Manifestation, Fate, and Business Development
  • Starting a Personal Shopping Business in Dubai
  • The feeling stemming from helping her clients through her expertise.
  • The Power of Personal Styling
  • The 7 Pillars of Personal Branding

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