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Simple GURPS With GMShadow

Season 12, Ep. 5

This is another one of the conversations I’ve been having with various friends within the roleplaying community. This episode is a chat about how to introduce new players to GURPS by making the whole thing simpler and more familiar. 

One thing to say is that I got my timeframes all wrong: I began monkeying around with GURPS around 5 years ago or so ago. Dungeons of Thaarl was happening in 2019, which is 4 years ago. Doesn’t time fly?

My guest, Barry aka GMShadow, is the host of Shadow of the GM podcast which, among other things, discusses his experiences with GURPS over the past few years. Like me, Barry is a GM returning to GURPS and we have much in common.

Big thanks up front to Barry for coming on to the show. I hope you’ll find it as inspiring as I did - he’s got me thinking about getting something GURPS up and running again.

Game on!

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