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Making Prep Doable

Season 10, Ep. 16

What if you could always sit down on a regular basis and actively prep for your next game in a way that left you feeling confident and positive? What if you could work in such a way as to unlock your maximum creativity while preserving your energy and motivation for the long haul?

We all know how exciting it can feel to set up a brand new roleplaying game campaign - you are pumped with the vision, bouyed by the positivity of the players, and raring to go! And you might even get a strong start out of the gate. But human motivation being the fickle beast that it is, you also all know the reality of what happens when the initial high energy positivity wanes and you have to commit to preparing your game for the longer haul.

I don’t think it’s any surprise that most gamers nowadays flit from system to system, game world to game world, playing one-shots and short campaigns. Human motivation being what it is, we always lose the buzz and it feels so much easier to bail on the game that has lost its shine and simply start a new one.

But what if you could sustain the creative effort in the long run? Would you want to find out how to do it?

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