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Season 11, Ep. 26

Back in July, as Season 11 opened, I spoke about how some roleplayers experience deep anxiety around playing and running games. One of the most repeated comments I have received over the past 4 years of producing this podcast has been the one about how much my honest talk about anxiety has resonated with others. This episode ends a season of Roleplay Rescue that opened with a broad theme: An Anxious GM’s Guide To Fantasy Roleplaying. I’d like to take the opportunity to review where we’ve been and a few highlights that we learned along the way.

Massive thanks to all the callers today - Jason from Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast, Jon from Tale of the Manticore, Frank from Middle Kingdoms Adventure and Trading Company, and Brian from I’ll Have To Look That up. 

Game on!

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Otherworlds With Daniel Jones

Season 11, Ep. 22
This is the fifth in a sequence of conversations I’ve been having with various friends within the roleplaying games community. This episode continues my quest to find the game I really want to play, focused today upon the question of how to achieve greater Otherworld-immersion and build the kind of Otherworld that matters to us. My guest is, of course, Daniel Jones.Daniel is the originator of the term Otherworld-immersion and a proponent of the idea that changing the methodology of our roleplaying games is the key to changing the experience we have at the table. For those who don’t know him, Daniel is a published author, game designer, philosopher, podcaster - check out the Primaeval Fantasy podcast - and the man behind the Eudaimonic Geekery blog. If you want to hear our earlier conversations about Otherworld-immersion, please check out Season 6, Episode 10; Season 9, Episode 14; and Season 10, Episode 19. Big thank you to Daniel from Primaeval Fantasy for coming and sharing his ideas with us.Primæval Fantasy • A podcast on Anchor: Thoughts | Good Daemon Geekery ( on!Roleplay Rescue Details:Voice MeWe search "Roleplay Rescue"Twitter:@ubiquitousratRoleplay Rescue Theme by Jon Cohen from Tale of the Manticore: