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Community Call-Ins (Finale)

Season 10, Ep. 22

A selection of comments and questions from listeners to round off Season 10. Lots of interesting thoughts and a whole bucket of encouragement for me!

Thank you to all the callers: Wiebe, Jason C., Frank, Lord Tygger, Bob from Safeco, James Sral, Graham First Age, and Brian.

Thanks also to you for listening, to all the RPR Patrons, and to everyone who has shared the show anywhere! Couldn't do it without you!

Game on!

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Behind The Screen With Daniel Jones

Season 10, Ep. 19
A few days ago I was privileged to be able to schedule a conversation with Daniel Jones, the originator of the term Otherworld-immersion and a proponent of the idea that changing the methodology of our roleplaying games being the key to changing the experience we have at the table. For those who don’t know him, Daniel is a published author, game designer, philosopher, and the man behind the Eudaimonic Geekery blog. If you want to hear our earlier conversations about Otherworld-immersion, please check out Season 6, Episode 10 and Season 9, Episode 14.Today’s chat was initially aimed at responding to three very common objections I have heard to the central methodological change of bringing all the rules, die rolls, and mechanisms behind the GM screen. From there, we talk more generally about some of our experiences with this style of play and muse on how to invite more roleplayers to try something different.Thanks to Daniel for coming back to the show. I hope you’ll find it illuminating and interesting.Roleplay Rescue Details:Voice search "Roleplay Rescue")Twitter: @ubiquitousratRoleplay Rescue Theme by Jon Cohen from Tale of the Manticore:Tale of The Manticore, a Dark Fantasy Dungeons & Dragons Audiodrama (