Roleplay Rescue


307 The Game I Really Want To Run

Season 3, Ep. 7

I am stepping off into the wilds. I am going to talk about the game that I really want to run and I am going to invite you to do the same. This episode is filled with contentious statements and provocative claims. Take it as you like. Even I’m not sure how serious I am about doing this, but I am keen to share the idea. There’s a game that I REALLY want to run. It’s not something that everyone else around me necessarily wants me to run. It’s the game that I want. The world that excites me. That makes me want to get out of bed and start writing. Do you want to know more?


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Talking Pantheons With Ron Ogden

Season 11, Ep. 17
Special moments come along but rarely and today is a special moment for me. Sometimes we meet people with whom we share seemingly little in common and then we discover they play D&D too. My guest today is someone from a very different background and experience of roleplaying games whom I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with. While our conversation was focused around the topic of Pantheons in D&D, the conversation roamed far and wide giving me much to think about.Ron Ogden is the CEO of The Dungeon Society, a tabletop RPG company seeking to “give every GM a creative toolset to make the storytelling process convenient and unique.” Ron has been worldbuilding and creating homebrewed D&D campaigns for over two decades. His latest endeavors include being co-DM on The Dungeon Run (a popular live-play D&D show on Twitch) as well as "The Chronicle" for Heroic Story (a creator-led community that unites artists, writers, and gamers who love fantasy stories and RPGs).Big thanks to Ron for coming onto the show!Ron Ogden can be found on:TikTok: Ron Ogden (@therealrogden) TikTokOR Dungeon Run: The Dungeon Run - YouTubeOR Ron Ogden (@therealrogden) / TwitterOR Dungeon Society can be found at:Home | The Dungeon SocietyOR on!Roleplay Rescue Details:Voice MeWe search "Roleplay Rescue"Twitter:@ubiquitousratRoleplay Rescue Theme by Jon Cohen from Tale of the Manticore: