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420 The Spirit of Arneson

Season 4, Ep. 20

The final episode of Season 4 is here! Ten weeks of episodes comes to an end as I take a couple of weeks for a break. 

Inspired by Anchorite Arneson Appreciation Month, as encouraged by the amazing Ray Otus of Plundergrounds, I've mashed all my thoughts on the topic into one rambling ramble. Many thanks to everyone for your support this season and I hope you'll keep me favourited ready for Season 5. 

Game on!

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Traveller With Bob Loftin

Season 11, Ep. 9
Today is the last in a series of conversations I shared over the period between the seasons, with some of the most creative gamers I know.My guest today is a fellow podcaster and perhaps one of the nicest and most mellow souls I have had the privilege to meet. We sat down to talk a little about the Classic Traveller roleplaying game - especially since, at the time, I was re-approaching the old Black Box set for a possible SF campaign I am still desperate to create. This conversation inspired many elements in the project that has arisen from it and I thank Bob hugely for making me think about Traveller in fresh ways.Bob Loftin is co-host of SAFCOcast, a podcast about the Traveller roleplaying game and its derivatives. SAFCO stands for Super Adventure Friends Co., the tongue-in-cheek name the members of Bob’s group decided to give the company their characters formed for their Classic Traveller campaign, “Into The Void”. SAFCO podcast: – a Traveller RPG Podcast – a podcast about the Traveller RPG and its derivatives OR thank you to Bob for onto the show!Roleplay Rescue Details:Voice Message: Email: hello@rpgrescue.comBlog: MeWe Group: (or search "Roleplay Rescue")Twitter: @ubiquitousratRoleplay Rescue Theme by Jon Cohen from Tale of the Manticore: Tale of The Manticore, a Dark Fantasy Dungeons & Dragons Audiodrama ( or