Roger Bolton's Beeb Watch


Mark Mardell former BBC presenter discusses BBC cuts, impartiality and his Parkinson's diagnosis.

Season 1, Ep. 2

Mark Mardell, the former BBC presenter joins Roger to discuss the ongoing financial squeeze at the BBC after the Corporation announced this week that the World Service will lose 382 jobs in order to make a saving of £28.5m. In his 30-year career Mark was Europe Editor, North America Editor and, before he left the corporation nearly two years ago the presenter of Radio 4’s The World At One and The World This Weekend. As well as delving into the challenges the BBC faces, Mark also reveals his Parkinson's disease diagnosis.

“I'm feeling fine and dandy, but I have to share with you that I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, which means my voice is rather strange and weak…I've lost a bit of my boom. And I'm getting used to being the quietest person in the room rather than the loudest. But generally it’s in the stage of just being annoying rather than anything terrible.”

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