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Single Family Homes - Samantha Kempe

Ep. 66

Samantha Kempe is a Co Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Immo, Europe’s first technology-led residential real estate platform, designed to create quality portfolios of existing single-family rental (SFR) housing at speed and scale.

After a career in the corporate world of real estate at companies such as Cushman & Wakefield, PWC and Blackstone she met her other co founders and investors whilst doing he MBA at The London School of business and Immo was born.

In this episode we discuss;

Samatha's background in the corporate world and what helped to give her and her co founders the idea to start Immo.

What problems Immo solves and is it seen as an Asset manager or a tech company?

Why does Immo focus on Single Family Homes?

What has institutional money targeted in the past when looking at residential property.

How does the UK market compare to other residential markets?

How has Immo used tech to enable it to build portfolios of single family homes at scale?

And lots more.

For more information about Immo, how to invest with them or for any other information on what they do you can contact Samantha on email

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