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Q3 Investment Mastermind - recorded 20/09/2022

Ep. 70


I was joined by Adam Lawrence and Manish Kataria for our Investment Mastermind for Q3 of 2022.

In these episodes we discuss the markets and then discuss what investments each of us are making in the Financial Markets.

As ever we discussed the current markets and how the economy, Inflation and Interest rates are and maybe will, affect them.

Topics include;

Terminal Interest rates.

How Bond yields correspond to Price to Earnings of some of the bigger markets.

Core Inflation vs Inflation including Energy and Food.

Sterling vs other currencies

Oil Prices

Central Bank views of short term pain as a price to pay for longer term stability.

Wage Price spirals in other periods of Inflation vs now.

Energy Caps

Tax Cuts

Bond Yields and their effect on Equities

Value vs Growth

Portfolio selection

This quarter our picks are as follows and you can listen to the reasons why;

Manish - Microsoft (Ticker MSFT) - from 26.00 minutes

Adam - Short on UK 5 year Gilt via shorting a bond ETF - from 37.11

Rod - Antofogasta (Ticker ANTO) - from 46.29

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