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Property V.S. Pensions with Wealth Manager Charlotte Ransom

Ep. 69

Charlotte has a stellar track record in Banking having been a Partner at Goldman Sachs and then as a Wealth Manager having won various awards and being Co Founder of Netwealth

This Episode is Jam packed with info.

We discuss;

Charlottes background and why she co founded Netwealth.

Individuals relationships with managing money.

Property vs other investment options.

Benchmarking your portfolio.

Investment exposure and concentration.

The need for capability when focusing on direct investment in a specific asset class.

Volatility in the market.

The importance of liquidity.

Property vs Pensions invested in financial markets for funding retirement. 

Wealth management Fees and what investors should understand about them. 

The impact of reducing wealth management fees on your retirement.

In recent times its the markets that have performed and not necessarily the wealth managers.

Understanding the type of wealth advice you may need.

Importance of having no emotional attachment when investing.

How should people go about finding a wealth manager and questions to ask?

Common mistakes in family finances and Estate Planning.

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