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Property News Update - Inflation & Interest Rates with Adam Lawrence 26/06/23

In this episode Adam and I discuss;

The latest Inflation Print.

The Bank of Englands Response.

What are the tools that the Bank of England has at its disposal to reduce Inflation.

Demand vs Supply Inflation Issues.

What this means for Property Investors.

Some traps that Property Investors should be concerned about.

And much more

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  • 94. Autumn Budget News for Property Investors

    In this episode I run through the points of the Autumn Budget that are relevant to the Property Industry including parts that were not in Jeremy Hunts speech.Largest ever increases to minimum wage.LHA increased to 30th percentile of local rents.Freeze on how Business rates are calculated and the discount in leisure, retail and hospitality is extended.£3mil invested into pilot schemes to improve the process of buying and selling homes.A consultation to start early next year on a new PD right to split a house to 2 flats.Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) to increase by 6.7%.Guaranteed accelerated planning decisions on big developments in exchange for a fee.Local development orders to speed up planning decisions for key commercial developments.£110 million to deliver schemes to offset the stall on nutrient neutrality.Affordable Homes Guarentee scheme to expand by a further £3billion so HA's can access cheaper loans for developing new homes.£450 million to local authority housing fund to deliver 2,400 new homes for refugees and help homelessness.£120 million for homeless prevention.Mortgage Guarentee scheme extended for 18 months which allows buyers to borrow 95% LTV.To read the Autumn Budget notes in full you can download this document file:///Users/rodturner/Downloads/DOC-20231122-WA0019..pdfAs always thanks to our sponsors 978 Finance. If you are looking at finance please contact
  • 93. Property News Update - Simon Das 17/11/23

    I was joined by Simon Das from the award winning Mortgage brokers 978 Finance to discuss the latest Property News.Simon gives us a great update on;The Buy to Let mortgage market.Commercial mortgages and where prices are at now.Development and Bridging loan market.We also discuss;The latest inflation figures and what that means.The 7th Housing Minister in the last 21 months and what it really means for us.The planning fees increasing and whether it will change anything.Modern Methods of Construction.How rents in commercial properties are rising but the Net Asset Values are reducing.The latest guidance on Damp and Mould which can be seen here
  • 92. The Housing Crisis - Ian Humphreys

    I am joined in this episode by Ian Humphreys the CEO of Brickflow.Ian explains why he, along with industry experts such as Knight Frank and PWC, came up with a white paper ( to present the government with.He talks about what has led to the UK having a deficit of over 4.75 million Homes and possible solutions around;PlanningFundingLand SupplyDevelopment IncentivesAffordabilitySupply Chainswhich include Technology, Modern Methods of Construction and a thorough analysis of the Green belt amongst other things. Listen to the episode for all the details.Thank you to our sponsor 978 Finance. If you do have any requirements for Buy to Let and commercial mortgages or Bridging and Development Finance they are the people to speak to. They have helped me finance some complex deals and i am happy to say that i have now bought into the business! Email fo get more information on the best products for your deal.
  • 91. Property News Update - 7th November 2023

    In this episode I give a run down of the latest Property News.I go into details of the Kings speech briefing notes on the Leasehold & Freehold Reform Bill and what each point means for property investors.Also the points raised from the Renters Reform Bill that were written about including how the government expect to carry these out and what they mean in reality.I also talk about the latest figures from Nationwide and Halifax House price index's.I touch on some of the traps currently in the murky world of property tax including mitigating section 24 and also SDLT relief claims.As I mention we are excited to bring you our Mortgage Brokerage which specialises in BTL, commercial mortgages, Bridges and Development loans. If you do have any questions about financing your properties or sites please feel free to contact myself or my business partner Simon Das
  • 90. Investment Mastermind Q3 2023

    I am joined again by Manish Kataria and Adam Lawrence to do our quarterly Investment Mastermind. These episodes are a bit of fun where we each pick one investment such as an ETF, Stock, Bond or REIT and explain our reasoning. Pretty much all of our picks can be invested in via an ISA or Pension wrapper but these episode are NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE.We start the episode by giving a roundup of the investment environment along with how certain markets have performed and what we feel the outlook is.We then get onto our picks.Adam chose UK30 Year GILT which yeilds 5.102% Rod Chose The UBS ETF (LU) Bloomberg TIPS 10+ UCITS ETF (hedged to GBP) A-dis seeks to track the Bloomberg US Government 10+ Year Inflation-Linked Bond (GBP Hedged) index. The Bloomberg US Government 10+ Year Inflation-Linked Bond (GBP Hedged) index tracks inflation-linked US government bonds.Manish chose GDX. It's a play on the gold price but more leveraged, through gold miners.  Have a listen to find out why
  • 89. Scrapping of EPC targets - Anna Clare Harper

    I am joined in this episode by Anna Clare Harper. Anna's career has focused on strategic residential investments throughout regulatory and market changes which made me very eager to speak to her about the Governments recent scrapping of EPC targets and what that means for property investors.We discuss;How EPC targets align with the two main Policy trends which are cross party agreement on making the private rental sector more professional and the legally binding target of reaching net zero by 2050.Why the target that was scrapped was impossible to achieve.Why EPC calculations are not fit for purpose.Why investors should continue to ensure their properties are as Energy Efficient as possible.Why the UK housing stock leaks the most energy in EuropeSuggestions of some policies that could be put in place for a more sustainable housing market.You can read more about Anna's suggestions in A Vision for the UK Housing Market - Cambridge University Land Society's Whitehall Group - you can find more information on her career and business below as well as her podcast.annaclareharper.comgreenresi.comLinkedIn
  • 88. Short Term Rentals - Alex Limpert

    Building a short term rental portfolio of 6000 units accross 7 countries in a short space of time is an incredible achievement!And this is one of the incredible feats my guest on the latest rodcast episode being released tomorrow has done.Alexander Limpert Co founder and CEO of GuestReady tells us about;How he identified the short term rental industry as one he wanted to be in.What makes a good property for short term let's.How does the industry differs across countries and what can the UK market learn from other locations.What data and trends he sees that may surprise us.How tech has enabled incredible growth and quality.Lessons he has learned that he wished he knew when he started out.Challenges in scaling the business.The biggest risks to Short Term Rental industry.You can find more info on Guestready at
  • 87. Saving Costs with Structural Design - James Nevin

    In this episode I am joined by James Nevin the CEO of Blue engineering and Re Structured to discuss the importance of structural design on projects.We discuss;James' background.The concept behind Re structured.Traps that SME developers get caught in when choosing a structural engineer.What developers should consider before they go ahead with a structural engineer.The different types of costs associated with structural design and how to reduce them.And lots more.
  • 86. Q2 Investment Mastermind 04/07/23

    Manish Kataria and Adam Lawrence join me once again to discuss our latest quarterly investment picks.If this is your first time listening to the Quarterly Investment Mastermind we each pick a stock, Bond, ETF or any other investment asset class and explain our reasoning and then open it up for comments to the others.In this episode we discuss what has happened in Asset Classes for the first half of the Year with the Nasdaq having its best H1 of all time and the big tech names holding up the S&P500 whilst FTSE 100 has not done much.We then go onto our picks. Whilst we all agreed that many REITs look good value at the moment we each chose the following;Adam chose an Indian Tech consulting company, Infosys (INFY)Manish chose an Emerging Markets ETF, iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets (EMIM)And I chose Agilon Health Inc (AGL) an American Health Platform for Seniors.Have a Listen to find out our reasoning.