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Paul Davis - Background of Nimbus Maps Co-Founder

Ep. 71

Paul Davis is probably best known for being a Co founder of Nimbus Maps, a tool for Property Developers and Investors to find the best off-market opportunities, assess them quickly and connect with owners. But did you know that Paul has a fantastic career in real estate prior to this including;

a family investment business, starting and scaling a property consultancy advising Blue chip clients on Real Estate deals.

In this episode we discuss;

How Paul fell into the Family Property Investment Business.

How that family investment business operated at the time and the type of assets they invested in and why.

How Property Investment businesses differed then to now.

The power of creating Capital uplift through asset management.

How he and his brother started a consultancy business helping Blue Chip clients on their real estate deals.

Some examples of how they saved these huge organisations £millions.

How working with larger institutional clients differed from investing in lower value property assets.

What advice he would give when working with family.

How the recession we are currently facing compares to the last one for Paul.

Did his and his brothers Oxbridge degrees in Engineering get put to good use?

What made him pivot from consulting blue chip clients to starting Nimbus Maps.

The toughest parts of scaling their business.

And much more.

You can find out more about Nimbus Maps here

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