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Investment Mastermind Q2 2022

Ep. 65

**This is not Investment Advice**

I was joined by Manish Kataria and Adam Lawrence on 21st June 2022 to discuss what is happening in investment markets.

Both guests have a wealth of knowledge about the economy, the markets and investment in various financial assets.

We decided to have a Quarterly Mastermind where we each pick an investment that is open to most people out there. Whether these are ETFs, Index funds, individual stocks or other financial instruments is up to the individual.

We give reasons for our investment choices and then the other members give feedback and concerns on each pick.

We are invested into these investment choices mentioned. Whether the choices will prove to be good in the long term, only time will tell.

Manish's pick - A US financials ETF (XLF) through an option to earn some premium

Adam's pick - Energy Sector specifically Oil and Gas through an ETF (IEO)

Rod's pick - An individual contrarian stock pick, Meta

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