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Rock Dudes #85 - Andrés Furukawa (Macken Bryggeri) - (Eng)

Ep. 85

Welcome to Rock Dudes #85, and the guest this time is Andrés Furukawa from Macken Bryggeri.

This time we will talk about the combination between beer and metal.The guest this time is Andres Furukawa, and in the last ten years he has been running Macken Brewery.But Andrés was born and raised in Mexico City, and he had big passion in Swedish Death Metal since the teen age period. Later on his interest in making beer increased, he moved to Germany to get some proper education, and after that he actual got a PHD within that area.So what happens if you combine metal and beer? Andrés will tell you in a little bit?

This conversation was really interesting, not because of the great subjects of both beer and Metal music, but how you can combine this subject in to making great products. You don’t just get a really great beer; it has a great story behind it as well.

This and much more you can listen to in Rock Dudes #85, released on Tuesday, May 21th, 2019.

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