Road Muscle Radio


EP024 - '59 Edsel, '55 Chevy Gasser, and a Killer Restomod at Greaserama

Ep. 24

In Episode 24, find out who started muscle cars (arguably) the 24 Hours of Lemons wants to be electric...why this is not your father's Volvo...and discover a new auction site from one of the big boys in classic cars.

PLUS- in segment two of Road Muscle Radio, Catfish Groves and Brett Hatfield share a recap of GREASERAMA 2020, the massive Midwest car show celebrating it's 20th year of gears, grease, and good times. Catfish was there, and recorded three interviews with folks from the car show, who talk about their '59 Edsel, '55 Chevy Gasser, and a wicked cool Restomod.

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