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EP011 - One B*tchin' Firebird with Kevin Dunn of Castle Works Motorsports

In Episode 11 of Road Muscle Radio, Catfish & Brett talk about 10 muscle cars that went down in history- for all the wrong reasons...10 products that are supposed to boost your horsepower...and which used muscle car is a Consumer Reports best buy! See honey? It's recommended, so it's GOOD for the famliy. And in segment 2, we'll talk with Kevin Dunn, who owns Castle Works Motorsports in lovely Desoto, Kansas. Kevin not only owns a business offering cool customized car gear, he drives an insane 1967 Pontiac Firebird restomod, and the company is working on a modern muscle car conversion that will let the soul of a Firebird shine in a fifth-gen Camaro body.

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