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EP009 - John Ross from "Watch JR Go" talks about his LS Swapped Rolls, $500 Porsches, and VIPER trucks!

Ep. 9

In Episode 009 of Road Muscle, Radio, Catfish and Brett talk about 100 feet of rusted dreamcar - note, not cars, justice rolls up on two Florida men who are fast and spurious...NASCAR IS ON, BABY...and how to almost die in your garage, dragster style. In the 2nd segment, Road Muscle Radio talks with John Ross, host/creator/star of the Watch JR Go videos on youtube. It's 100 percent know-how with show-how from a fearless wrencher, plus some funny stories about a VIPER powered truck, an ls-swapped Rolls Royce, and a strange fascination with Geo Trackers.

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