Road Muscle Radio

Classic cars, muscle cars, rat rods- love’m, and love driving them places. In the Road Muscle Radio podcast, two rolling iron fans talk news, stories, and histories of vehicles, newfangled things that are must-haves, and events that are must-do. Road Muscle Radio also interviews gearheads, car collectors, event creators, and destination owners, for the stories behind the muscle.

Your hosts of Road Muscle Radio:

Mark “Catfish” Groves  is a 30+ year radio vet, owner of Magnificent Cowlick Media, fiction author, little-town travel enthusiast, and lousy karaoke singer.

Brett Hatfield is a freelance auto journalist and senior auto auction analyst for Sports Car Market Magazine, writer and editor of, plus the owner of a ’60 Vette, ’61 Impala restomod, two sweet Harleys, and a few other crazy cars.