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2023: The Youth View

Season 9, Ep. 26

Laiba, Dev and Jani are just some of the Young Food Ambassadors for the Food Foundation who report from the front line of food insecurity and campaign for the right to food for every child in the UK. The Sheila McKechnie (SMK) Foundation awarded the YFAs second place in the ‘Young Campaigner Award’ category for our Feed the Future campaign. It recognises how much they have achieved during the campaign, which calls on the Government to extend school meals eligibility in response to evidence that 800,000 children living in poverty in England don’t get a Free School Meal. 

The Young Food Ambassadors helped to plan our ‘Superpowers of Free School Meals’ event in Westminster for MPs, performing a spoken word piece to an audience of over 200 people. They also worked with The Food Foundation to design a social media campaign and wrote to their MPs.  This campaign contributed to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s commitment to extend Free School Meals to an additional 270,000 children for one year from September 2023 in London. While the campaign continues as so many children in poverty are still miss out on Free School Meals, we're grateful to the Sheila McKechnie Foundation for recognising the Young Food Ambassadors hard work and all they have achieved so far.

Here Laiba, Dev and Jani look back on the year, remembering the residential where they planned the Feed the Future campaign and Laiba's lunch with Holly Lynch MP.

Click here for the Food Foundation Manifesto.

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  • Podbite: Feed the Future comes to the West Midlands

    In this week's Podbite, Leticija Petrovic, local food policy lead at the Food Foundation tells us about how the Feed the Future campaign initiated in 2020 by Marcus Rashford comes to West Midlands this month. Please add your voice to our campaign - it only takes two clicks of a button:
  • Pod Bites: The Nestle Resolution

    On this week's Pod Bite, Holly Gabriel, nutritionist and campaign lead for consumer health at Share Action, tells us about the shareholder resolution that a coalition, including The Food Foundation is filing at Nestle to calls on the company to increase the amount of healthier food it sells.Click here for more on the coalition behind the initiative, and here for the Food Foundation Manifesto.
  • 40. Pod Bites: Food Justice and the Role of the City

    Stuart Gillespie, writer and consultant for The Food Foundation, tells us why we need cities to perform a radical overhaul of the food system to balance power and prioritise human and planetary health, rather than profit.Stuart explains how The Food Foundation, Birmingham City Council, and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact came together in 2021 to create a global food justice pledge to encourage collaboration and collective working, empowering the voices of cities nationally and internationally.Click here for more information and here for the Food Foundation Manifesto
  • 39. Disability and Food Insecurity

    This week, Danny McCubbin, founder and author of The Good Kitchen reports on the Food Foundation's latest survey on the increasing food insecurity faced by people with disabilities.Food insecurity levels in the UK have reached unprecedented highs over the past few years, first in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and now continuing through the cost of living crisis. Disabled people have been particularly exposed to food insecurity, facing stark inequalities when it comes to accessing and affording the food that they need.Shona Goudie, policy and advocacy manager at the Food Foundation, Dan White from Disabilities Rights UK, Simon Shaw, Co-Investigator, Food at Home, University of Sheffield and Sabine Goodwin from IFAN break down the stats to paint a devastating picture of life for many people living with disability in Broken Britain.Click here for the Food Foundation's Manifesto
  • 38. Pod Bites: The Lib Dems and food policy

    In this week's Pod Bites, Joss MacDonald, Public Affairs Lead at the Food Foundation, tells us about the Liberal Democrat Party's policies on food in the aftermath of the party's spring conference in York, Click here for the Food Foundation's manifesto.
  • 37. Pod Bites: The Youth Select Committee

    In this week's Pod Bite, 18 year-old, Dev Sharma, Food Foundation Young Food Ambassadors and chair of the UK Parliament Youth Select Committee on its very first inquiry into the Cost of Living crisis. The Youth Select Committee is the first youth Oarliamentary inquiry of its kind into the cost of living with the same powers as any Parliamentary Select Committee. Dev explains what happened when it presented its findings from its report on the cost of living and its impact on young people's health and well being. Click here for more on the Youth Select Committee, and here for the Food Foundation's Manifesto. 
  • 36. Pod Bites: The spring Budget

    Hannah Brinsden, head of policy and advocacy at the Food Foundation talks about the spring budget. Assessing its commitments to support public health, low income families and also to support people through the cost of living crisis, she finds a mixed bag and a number of missed opportunities.Click here for more on the budget from Hannah and here for the Food Foundation's Manifesto.
  • 35. Pod Bites: Food Insecurity and the widening health divide

    In this week's Pod Bites, Shona Goudie, Policy and Advocacy Manager at the Food Foundation, digs deep into the latest statistics on food insecurity. The Food Foundation report finds that families stuck in food insecurity are buying less fruit and veg than last year as UK’s health divide widens.Click here for the Food Foundation Food Insecurity Tracker, and here for the Manifesto.
  • 34. Pod Bites: Generation Formula

    This week, we hear more about how families face a range of barriers to feeding their infants, whether they breastfeed or formula feed. Following the investigation into infant formula prices carried out by the The Competition and Markets Authority, Vicky Sibson, Director at First Steps Nutrition, tells us how it can influence feeding decisions. For more on The Food Foundation's report on formula prices and barriers to breastfeeding, click here. And for its Manifesto, click here