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Pod Bites: A Letter to Health Minister Andrea Leadsom

Season 9, Ep. 21

This week, Vera Zakharov, the local action coordinator for Sustain on why families with no recourse to public funds deserve access to Healthy Start, a vital nutritional safety net for their youngest children.

As a letter from 148 signatories lands this week on the desk of the new Minister for Primary Care and Public Health, Andrea Leadsom outlining an immediate call for a consultation on extending Healthy Start to all low income families with no recourse to public funds, Vera explains why it's essential for the health of the nation.

Click here to read the letter and here for the survey

Click here for the Food Foundation manifesto.

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  • 34. Pod Bites: Generation Formula

    This week, we hear more about how families face a range of barriers to feeding their infants, whether they breastfeed or formula feed. Following the investigation into infant formula prices carried out by the The Competition and Markets Authority, Vicky Sibson, Director at First Steps Nutrition, tells us how it can influence feeding decisions. For more on The Food Foundation's report on formula prices and barriers to breastfeeding, click here. And for its Manifesto, click here
  • 33. The Barriers to Breastfeeding

    Guest presenter, Gemma Ogston, author of The Healing Cookbook looks at the Food Foundation's second Early Years report exploring the barriers to breastfeeding.The Food Foundation has just published this in-depth analysis revealing a flawed system in which parents face multiple barriers to provide babies with the basic nutrients needed for development before the age of two. It shows how policy failure leaves families struggling to provide babies with vital nutrients in early months of life.Hannah Brinsden, head of policy and advocacy at the Food Foundation joins Adult Food Ambassador, TJ, Dayna Brackley from Bremner and Co, Sophie Riley, midwife at Plymouth University Hospital Trust, Vicky Sibson, director of First Steps Nutrition Trust and Alison Thewliss MP to examine why we need a national breastfeeding strategy.Click here for the Food Foundation Manifesto
  • 32. Pod Bites: The Times Health Commission

    Jo Ralling, head of campaigns at the Food Foundation talks us through some of the week's big reports on about child health and how we can fix the NHS.For more information on the The Times Commission, click hereAs we head towards the next general election, the Food Foundation is calling on policymakers to recognise the central importance of the food system in shaping the nation's health and wealth. Click here for the Food Foundation manifesto, and make sure you subscribe to this podcast to keep up with the latest analysis on what makes healthy food really matter.
  • 31. Pod Bites: Eat Them to Defeat Them

    In this week's Pod Bites, Dan Parker, Chief Executive of Veg Power tells us about Eat Them to Defeat Them 2024, the TV advertising campaign to get kids eating more veg.As the media campaign kicks off again on Feb 17th, the schools programme follows with 637,000 children across the UK in over 2,500 primary and special schools joining in classroom activities and tasting events to make vegetables fun.Click here for more information on Eat Them to Defeat Them, and here for the Food Foundation Manifesto
  • 30. The Peas Please Report

    This week, Poppy O'Toole, Michelin-trained chef and author and content creator, known as Poppy Cooks, looks at the release of the final progress report from the Peas Please partnership.Peas Please is a partnership campaign led by the Food Foundation with Nourish Scotland, Food Sense Wales and Food NI to make it easier for everyone in the UK to eat more vegetables. Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, it's a joined up movement of veg advocates and veg cities who have made massive wins over the past four years.Pete Ritchie from Nourish Scotland, Katie Palmer from Food Sense Wales and Michele Shirlow from Food NI assess the key highlights, while Gareth Mcanlis of Henderson Group explains how it feels to be a local food hero. But the report shows that the amount of vegetables bought by households in the UK has fallen to its lowest level in 50 years. This highlights the impact the cost of living crisis is having on low-income families who are struggling to afford healthier options.Click for the Courgette Pilot from Food Sense Wales and the Food Foundation's Manifesto  
  • 29. Pod Bites: Labour's Child Action Plan

     In this week’s Pod Bites, Anna Taylor, Executive Director of the Food Foundation talks us through the Labour Party's seven point Child Health Action Plan which was announced last week.Click here for the Children’s Right2Food dashboard, and here for the Food Foundation Manifesto.
  • 28. Pod Bites: The Oxford Real Farming Conference

    On this week's Podbite, Leticija Petrovic, local food policy lead at Food Foundation reports back from last week's 15th annual Oxford Real Farming conference.Leticija led a Food Foundation hosted session which explored the leadership that local authorities can have in making food and policy change, and shared the findings of its work with Birmingham City Council, Kent University and a number of schools. Click here for more information on The Oxford Real Farming Conference and here for the Food Foundation Manifesto.
  • 27. Pod Bites: Philip Lymbery's New Year Message

    Philip Lymbery, the Chief Executive of Compassion in World Farming, the leading international farmed animal welfare environmental organisation gives us his New Year message. He looks at how far we have come as a food movement in terms of climate, food justice and animal welfare, and predicts that a future royal banquet will include cultivated meat from stem cells. Click here for more from Compassion in World Farming and here for the Food Foundation Manifesto.
  • 26. 2023: The Youth View

    Laiba, Dev and Jani are just some of the Young Food Ambassadors for the Food Foundation who report from the front line of food insecurity and campaign for the right to food for every child in the UK. The Sheila McKechnie (SMK) Foundation awarded the YFAs second place in the ‘Young Campaigner Award’ category for our Feed the Future campaign. It recognises how much they have achieved during the campaign, which calls on the Government to extend school meals eligibility in response to evidence that 800,000 children living in poverty in England don’t get a Free School Meal. The Young Food Ambassadors helped to plan our ‘Superpowers of Free School Meals’ event in Westminster for MPs, performing a spoken word piece to an audience of over 200 people. They also worked with The Food Foundation to design a social media campaign and wrote to their MPs.  This campaign contributed to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s commitment to extend Free School Meals to an additional 270,000 children for one year from September 2023 in London. While the campaign continues as so many children in poverty are still miss out on Free School Meals, we're grateful to the Sheila McKechnie Foundation for recognising the Young Food Ambassadors hard work and all they have achieved so far.Here Laiba, Dev and Jani look back on the year, remembering the residential where they planned the Feed the Future campaign and Laiba's lunch with Holly Lynch MP.Click here for the Food Foundation Manifesto.