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RHLSTP Book Club 55 - Sadiq Khan

Ep. 55

RHLSTP Book Club 55 - Breath. Richard takes a break from the usual riff-raff to talk to the actual Mayor of London and one of the world’s funniest politicians (low bar) Sadiq Kahn. They discuss the talking points from his new book Breathe about the efforts he has made to improve the air quality of our capital city: his personal reasons for getting interested and the moving and tragic story that anchored his commitment. Can we overcome apathy and cynicism to fight climate change? This positive book hopes so. They also discuss London beavers, why old tunnels have a bend in them, the terrible congestion charge website, a faux pas with Leonardo di Caprio and Sadiq’s reaction to a serious health scare.

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    #511 What You On? - Richard is back in Colchester with possibly the greatest example of a local news story that there has ever been. His guest is doctor turned actor Tony Gardner. They chat about being bitten by an over enthusiastic zombie, the decision to go to Edinburgh that would change his life, how it became impossible to keep both his GP job and acting work going, his reluctance to do children’s TV, but how My Parents Are Aliens changed his life and led to a very impressive CV, as well as slight weirdness when out enjoying Glastonbury or filming sex scenes. And no, sorry, he isn’t the bloke who designed the Chucky doll.See Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
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    Book Club #104 - A Crack In Everything - Richard talks to physicist and journalist Marcus Chown about this fascinating book about Black Holes and the people who discovered them, A Crack in Everything. Are Black Holes black and holes? Can we time travel if we go inside one? Why is the one at the centre of the Milky Way smaller than most and what repercussions does that have for us? The pair talk about how Einstein didn’t think black holes would exist, the tragic and difficult lives of many of the people who proved him wrong, how the female scientists roles in all this have been often overlooked, how Marcus was the first person to talk to some of the key players in detail and how he is able to write for a board audience without compromising the science. Also are we holograms?Buy Marcus' book here - the audiobook here - Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back -
  • 10. RHLSTP 510 - Rob Brydon

    #510 McCartney Set List - Richard is still being played on by Scant Regard, but as this long tour progresses his stand up sections get mercifully shorter! His guest is the multi-talented Rob Brydon. They chat about how a birthday message to Margot Robbie led to a part in a potentially Oscar winning film (You’ll know if it won by now, but we poor fools in the past did not), how Brydon pretended to be ill to get out of a guest slot on Would I Lie To You? and how the show has become bulletproof, how America managed to get two series our of the book Green Eggs and Ham, the impressive and old school range of work that Rob undertakes, touring with an 8 piece band and whether it’s ever good when a comedian does serious songs and the disaster and triumph of Rob’s first meeting with Sir Paul McCartney. Plus why family comes first and whether legacy is as important as your kids having you around!See Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
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  • 9. RHLSTP 509 - Armando Iannucci

    #509 Pot Noodle is Bad For You - Richard is doing some stand up that was super topical on 5th February when this was recorded, but for you will be a nice window to see what the people of the past thought was mildly amusing, plus there’s an exciting new addition to the show. His guest is comedy genius Armando Iannucci. They talk about how a Christmas advert was Armando’s proudest achievement, how it’s possible that 30 years have passed since the Day Today (apparently it’s something to do with the linear nature of time), when his novel is going to be published, the effect that ADHD had on his work, how America messed up The Thick of It, why Avenue 5 got cancelled, how he tortured Daredevil and whether Armando is ready to turn into a proper old man in his sixties. Plus Rich finally opens up about his cancer and worries where he stands in touring illness Top Trumps.See Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE